People Agenda

FPP industries have suffered from a traditional lack of focus on developing its people. This has shown itself with typically skilled and experienced, but nevertheless aging and insular workforces and often an absence of clear strategic leadership and direction at the top. Many new senior executives from outside the industry have been recruited to address under performance, but the industry is finding it difficult to recruit the high quality resources it needs to reinvigorate static cultures and practices and to provide the talent pool for future new leaders. There is a compelling need for the HR function to transform into a strategic business division, operating at board level to facilitate a turn around in industry performance through effective recruitment and talent management. The FPP sector, with its growing focus on sustainability and environmental performance, could become an attractive sector for a growing working population who use corporate responsibility as criteria for employer selection. Recruiting highly skilled, innovative and internationally mobile workers is essential for the new opportunities in emerging markets and arising from climate change to be successfully exploited.

How PwC can help
With more than 6,000 professionals in over 100 countries, the PwC network has one of the world's largest human resource (HR) advisory organisations. Our multi-disciplinary approach allows us to advise on all aspects of people management, helping our clients to create value for their businesses through people. Combined with our unique understanding of the FPP sector, and related issues of sustainability and performance improvement, we are well placed to advise clients in developing the strategic approach to managing and developing the workforce of tomorrow to move the industry forward.