Michael H. (“Mike”) Burnside is President and CEO of Catchlight Energy LLC, a Chevron – Weyerhaeuser joint venture. He has held this position since the venture was formed in February 2008.

Prior to joining Catchlight Energy he worked 33 years for Chevron and held a variety of assignments in manufacturing, planning and analysis, and finance functions.

A native of Baltimore, Md., Burnside received his Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and a masters degree in business administration from California State University. He joined Standard Oil Company of California – Western Operations Inc. in 1974 in the manufacturing department at El Segundo Refinery where he held various engineering and operations positions. He served in the corporate analytical division and the corporate tax department in San Francisco (1982-1989), and held several financial management positions with Chevron Chemical in San Ramon, California (1989-1994).

In 1994 Burnside was appointed vice-president finance at Chevron Canada Limited in Vancouver, B.C. From 1999-2003 he managed the strategic planning and business evaluation group for Chevron USA Products and North America Products in San Ramon, California.

In 2003 he was appointed Americas Regional Manager for Chevron Oronite Company in New Orleans with responsibility for additive manufacturing and supply operations in the US, Brazil and Mexico.

In 2007 Burnside was appointed Project Manager for the Chevron-Weyerhaeuser Biofuels Alliance in San Ramon, CA to lead the Chevron efforts in negotiating the joint venture.