Daniel Veniez is chairman of DDV Enterprises Ltd., an investment company, and is chairman of Ridley Terminals Inc., a federal crown corporation. He has been active in the private equity industry since 2004 in North America and Europe. In 2001, Dan and his partner, George S. Petty, founded NWBC Timber and Pulp Ltd., a management holding company with assets in the forest products industry. In 2002, they acquired the former Skeena Cellulose Inc. from the Government of British Columbia.

In the decade prior to that, Dan was a partner at The Centre for Executive Development, a Boston-based strategic management and leadership development company, director of The Secor Group, a Montreal-based strategy consulting firm, and senior vice president at Repap Enterprises Inc., a $3 billion pulp, lumber, coated paper and kraft paper company. In the late 1980’s, Dan served as a senior policy advisor to cabinet ministers in various economic and social policy portfolios within the Government of Canada.

Dan, who studied at McGill (BA) and Queens University (MBA), has become a frequent commentator on the forest industry and is a member of the board for both the Western Transportation Advisory Council and the Canadian Coal Association.