Clark S. Binkley, Ph.D. , is Managing Director of International Forestry Investment Advisors (IFIA), a firm he founded to develop and implement innovative, socially responsible timberland investment strategies for sophisticated investors. IFIA currently co-manages a bit over a half billion dollars of assets, and focuses on emerging markets, forestry technologies and capital-market arbitrage.

Prior to founding IFIA, he was Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of the Hancock Timber Resource Group, the world’s largest timberland investment advisory firm serving private-equity clients. During the six full years of his tenure at Hancock, he was responsible for the investment strategies that produced 300 bps/yr of annual out performance versus the industry benchmark, and lead efforts to raise over $2 billion in equity capital.

Before joining Hancock, Clark was Dean of the Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia. From 1978-90, he was a member of the faculty at Yale University where, in 1990, he was named the Frederick K. Weyerhaeuser Professor of Forest Resource Management. He serves on the boards of directors of two publicly traded forest products companies—West Fraser Timber, Ltd. and TimberWest Forests—as well as Cellfor, the world’s leading forest biotechnology company. In the past 30 years, he has consulted to numerous forest products companies, governmental agencies and conservation groups. Clark has written more than 100 books and articles on forest economics, and is known worldwide for his research on timberland investments. He holds degrees in Applied Mathematics and Engineering from Harvard University and in Forestry and Environmental Studies from Yale University.