Mr. Roberts is currently a Managing Director with CIBC World Markets Inc, a globalinvestment bank with 23 offices around the world and over 2600 employees. He leads CIBC’sBasic Materials Equity Research Team, and is also the Sr. Paper & Forest Products ResearchAnalyst. His primary responsibility is to lead a team of analysts in advising financialinstitutions (i.e., pension/mutual funds) on their investments in the paper & forest productsindustry. Mr. Roberts specializes in international commodity markets, and has collaboratedwith a number of international forestry organizations to gain a global perspective on the paper& forest products sector. He is consistently ranked by institutional investor surveys as one ofthe top equity analysts covering the global paper & forest products industry. Prior to enteringthe brokerage industry Mr. Roberts was Chief of Industry & Trade Analysis for the CanadianDepartment of Forestry. He remains active with such diverse groups as the Forest SectorAdvisory Group to the Canadian Minister of International Trade, Forest Products Associationof Canada, Center for International Business Studies, and Child Haven International. He isalso a frequent speaker at industry and investor conferences around the world.Mr. Roberts has a Bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics from the University of BritishColumbia, Master’s degree in forestry economics from the University of California atBerkeley, and both an MBA and doctoral studies in international finance from the Universityof Chicago.