Customer impact

Growth comes with knowing your customer. To get to know them, you'll need to think about differentiating, brand-defining customer experiences, getting higher levels of satisfaction and loyalty, lowering customer turnover and acquisition costs, expanding your market share and achieving sustainable revenue growth.

It’s understanding what customers want, need and value most that will bring you competitive advantage.  Our Customer Impact team can help you:

  • Build an organisation that's centred on your customers.
  • Get fresh insights from your customer data.
  • Increase revenues and profits through digital experiences.
  • Create pricing solutions that will help to grow your business.
  • Design and deliver differentiating customer experiences.
  • Find new ways to achieve sustainable growth, and the means to deliver it.
  • Build a sales force that will help deliver your business strategy.

We'll work with you to design and deliver differentiating customer experiences that put customers at the very centre of your organisation.

How do I put the customer at the center of my business?

How do I put the customer at the center of my business?
Seems like everybody's talking about putting the customer at the center of business. But what does that really mean when they do? A panel of PwC customer experience professionals weigh in.

Our latest thinking

2013 Global Pricing Report

In a volatile and competitive market, it is more important than ever to get smart about pricing and give it the attention and focus it deserves. PwC's Global Pricing Survey was designed to gather views from a diverse range of global organisations on their approaches to pricing and to use this information to compare the relative strengths and opportunities across different industries and countries.


The new digital tipping point

Banks are constantly adapting to satisfy the needs of their stakeholders. In addition, the number of customers who use the internet has exploded. PwC surveyed approximately 3000 banking customers in nine different markets to understand customers' needs, attitudes and behaviours to digital media. Our insights from this research can help banks harness the power of the new and improved digital market, not just by saving costs, but by deepening customer relationships. The new digital tipping point explores these insights and the opportunities that exist for banks.


Uncovering B2B Social media

Social media is changing the way businesses need to engage with customers. B2B social media may still be in its infancy, but there are some clear market drivers that are forcing change to happen quickly. Here we explore the drivers shaping B2B social media, examines levels of social media maturity and the opportunities, and shares guidance on how much to invest, how to measure returns and how to effectively manage risks.


Seizing the mobility moment

The mobile device is changing the customer experience and forcing organisations to rethink how they engage with customers and employees. This paper is first in a series exploring the opportunities and challenges posed by the rise of mobility and how companies can build on them to create experiences that strengthen relationships.


Seizing the mobility moment: Part 2 - The employee 

This paper is the next in a series exploring the opportunities and challenges posed by the rise of mobility and how companies can build on them to create experiences for customers and employees that strengthen relationships.



The consumerization of IT- The next-generation CIO

The “consumerisation of IT”—defined as the use of technologies that can easily be provided by non-IT people—is a hot topic among Chief IT Officers these days. Today’s consumerization of IT trend is the culmination of a fundamental shift in the relationship between employers and employees—especially professionals—that began four decades ago. This shift has only now worked its way into the world of enterprise technology.

To be successful, CIOs need to be more proactive. Accepting the inevitability of the consumerization trend and preparing for it by rethinking how they run IT. CIOs should consider forging new, ollaborative relationships with users, giving them freedom to make IT decisions, and teaching them how to assume responsibility for those decisions. And rather than enforcing hardware and application standards, they'll need to rethink IT architecture and controls to focus on controlling − or loosening controls on − information.


Curing customer churn

Using available customer data, companies can predict which customers are likely to leave in the near term and can then design efforts to retain them. This paper outlines current challenges in customer turnover management, details leading practices for developing a knowledge of true causes and priorities for customer turnover, and covers the organizational challenges that must be overcome to eliminate the root causes of customer turnover and increase profitability as a result.


Redefining the customer experience: Mobile telematics and the future of the insurance industry

When taken together, recent advances in technology, wide-spread adoption of smart phones, and the ever-evolving nature of vehicle communications systems present a significant opportunity for insurers. By incorporating mobile telematics into the core business strategy, insurers can fundamentally alter and improve the value proposition for consumers in an unprecedented way.