Estonian Tax Alerts

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Tax Alert July 2015

Tax changes 1.7.2015


Tax Alert June 2015

Tax changes 1.6.2015


Tax Alert May 2015

Tax changes 1.5.2015


Tax Alert April 2015

Tax changes 1.4.2015


Tax Alert March 2015

Tax changes 1.3.2015


Tax Alert February 2015

Tax changes 1.2.2015


Tax Alert January 2015

Tax changes 1.1.2015


Tax alert December 2014

Tax changes 1.12.2014


Tax alert November 2014

Tax changes 1.11.2014


Tax alert October 2014

VAT - cars special


Tax alert September 2014

Tax changes 1.09.2014


Tax alert, No 2, February 2013

Legal acts - Estonia adds India and UAE to the white lis; Amendments to the Income Tax Act.


Tax alert, No 1, January 2013

As of 1 January 2013 the treaty with India is effective bringing the total count of effective Estonian tax treaties to 50. Income tax, social tax, unemployment insurance act, value-added tax.