Manufacturing & Industrial Products

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Manufacturing and Industrial Products

Manufacturing companies also need to keep up to speed with environmental legislation changes in the Czech Republic and in the EU. They need to pay particular attention to new legislation regulating possible environmental damage and regarding trading of emission limit permits – PwC can also be of assistance in these areas.

Our experts’ industry-specific knowledge enhances our consulting services and allows for easier and more efficient communication particularly with clients from the following fields:

  • Engineering and industrial products
  • Construction
  • Paper and packaging
  • Chemicals
  • Metals and mining

Manufacturing of various types is well-represented in the Czech Republic – ranging from traditional wood-processing or glass making to modern facilities manufacturing plastics and packaging materials. Manufacturing has traditionally been an important contributor to economic growth and employment in the Czech Republic. Sustaining that prime position and surviving the pressure brought on by increased competition and the economic downturn are among the key strategic challenges facing management and ownership of manufacturing businesses today. Key partnerships between domestic and foreign investors and Czech manufacturers and their supply-chain partners are having a hard time adjusting to changes from the outside. Uncertainty and changes manifested by dropping demand lead to lower manufacturing capacity utilisation, cash-flow issues, dropping prices and cost-cutting measures in all areas including human resources. Companies also need to consider restructuring and re-evaluating planned investments.

PwC experts posses extensive experience in manufacturing and can assist you in the following areas critical today: