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Global entertainment and media outlook 2015-2019

June 02, 2015

PwC's Global entertainment and media outlook 2015-2019 offers insight on industry trends and consumer & advertising spend data by segment and territory.

German Entertainment and Media Outlook 2015-2019

November 09, 2015

In this annually published study, we analyze the key trends of the German entertainment and media market and give forecasts for twelve segments: Internet access, online advertising, film, TV, video games, music market, radio, newspapers, magazines, book market and OOH advertising. For the first time, we have added sport with the perspective of the entertainment and media industry as a new segment this year.

Dutch Entertainment and media outlook 2015-2019

October 01, 2015

The 2015-2019 Entertainment & Media Outlook for the Netherlands is an online source for extensive analysis of consumer spending in the advertising, entertainment and media sector.

The business of creativity

September 14, 2015

Creativity is one of the UK’s core strengths and is a defining characteristic of our nation. UK music, television, film, games, fashion, publishing, theatre, art, design, advertising and architecture is celebrated around the world.

Consumer Intelligence Series: What kids want

September 09, 2015

Consumer Intelligence Series: What kids want

US Entertainment, Media and Communications Deal Insights: 2015

May 14, 2015

Overall deal value started strong in Q1 '15 despite volume at its lowest point in two years. Although it may be too soon to tell which direction deal volumes will trend in the remainder of 2015, we remain optimistic and expect M&A will continue to be robust for the sector. And with the abandonment of one transformative Cable deal, rumors are swirling about potential deal partners. In this issue, PwC provides a summary of first quarter 2015 deal activity, megadeal activity and an outlook for key sectors.

The sharing economy

April 13, 2015

By unlocking the sharing economy today, can companies transform today's threat into tomorrow's opportunity? What must incumbents and challengers do to position themselves ahead of disruption and to capitalize on new sources of revenue? Through consumer surveys, conversations with influencers, interviews with business executives and social listening, PwC's research presents a holistic view of what's unfolding across business and consumer landscapes.

Australian Entertainment and Media 2015 - 2019

August 04, 2015

Beyond digital: Empowered consumers demand choice and convenience that transcend platforms

Cities of Opportunity: The urban rhythm of entertainment and media

January 28, 2015

What is the connection between the entertainment and media industry and today’s powerful global tide of urbanization? What does it mean economically for businesses making distribution and expansion decisions? Cities of Opportunity: Urban Rhythm of Entertainment and Media investigates the drivers of growth across 30 cities and identifies pockets of potential from tapping into spending growth to leveraging a skilled workforce.

Reshaping Europe’s media landscape: Pinpointing the drivers of media M&A

February 03, 2015

Analysing M&A deals across the European entertainment and media industry in 2014.

Consumer Intelligence Series: Feeling the Effects of the Videoquake: Changes in how we consume video content

December 10, 2014

There's a shakeup happening with video content impacting how, where and the intensity with which we consume television and video. The quality of video content now rivals cinema, and the social dynamics around binge viewing suggest there is a new paradigm that leaves many industry incumbents at a crossroads. PwC's research explores consumer attitudes towards video content and corresponding behavioral shifts changing the industry at large.

Cross-sector valuation: What entertainment, media & communications companies should consider when acquiring tech targets

December 05, 2014

As entertainment, media & communications (EMC) companies continue transforming themselves through technology-focused acquisitions, unique valuation issues can challenge deal success.

Dynamic analytics for enhanced business decision making in the entertainment industry

July 28, 2014

Analytics are used increasingly throughout the Entertainment and Media (E&M) industry. This paper presents a proposed structure for a successful analytics project and focuses on simulation modeling.

Outlook for the sports market in North America through 2019

November 01, 2014

PwC’s Sports Outlook focuses on recent results and potential opportunities and challenges to future industry growth. This edition for North America provides revenue projections over five years through 2018 within four key segments of the sports market.

Global State of Information Security® Survey 2016

September 30, 2015

Today, most organisations realise that cybersecurity has become a persistent, all-encompassing business risk. But as the frequency and costs of security incidents continue to rise, our survey found that many organisations have not updated critical information security processes, technologies, and employee training needs. Find out more in our annual survey, released in September 2014.

India Entertainment and Media Outlook 2014

July 12, 2012

India Entertainment and Media Outlook 2014 is PwC India's annual report on entertainment and media sector

Entertainment and Media Outlook in Italy 2015-2019

April 02, 2012

Il rapporto di PwC "E&M Outlook in Italy 2015-2019" descrive i trend relativi a undici segmenti del mercato dei media e dell’intrattenimento italiano.

Decision making in entertainment & media

August 26, 2014

Entertainment and media executives are changing the way they use data and analytics. New thoughts on why it's time to update decision support in the C-suite.

Making sense of a complex world: Revenue recognition principal/agent arrangements issues for media companies

May 30, 2014

Key IFRS accounting considerations for principal and agent arrangements for media companies.

Making sense of a complex world: Revenue recognition: Payments to customers - issues for media companies

May 30, 2014

Key IFRS accounting considerations for payments by media companies to their customers

MIAG: Content development and cost capitalisation by media companies

July 24, 2013

This paper explores the critical considerations relating to the classification, capitalisation and amortisation of content development spend, which present challenges such as which IFRS standard to apply; when to start and stop capitalising costs; which costs to capitalise; and how to amortise them.