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Rising costs, increasing demand for health services and heightened expectations of patients characterize developments in the health care system in recent years and leed to the necessity of a better and more precise definition of the roles of individual interest groups – care providers, patients and health insurance companies. The key issue the health system and primarily the care providers are facing is the imbalance between supply and demand. On the demand side is a large ageing population requiring more services, higher-quality pharmaceuticals and advanced treatment procedures. The supply side is, however, paralysed by lack of capital, decreasing numbers of medical personnel, unsatisfactory premises and financial conditions.

The health care organizations that succeed in this environment will be only those that recognise the supply-demand imbalance and will be able to respond to this challenge with flexible and effective processes for delivering high-quality care.

Health care providers, insurance companies, producers of pharmaceuticals and medical materials and the medical experts turn to PwC for understanding the selected health care areas and finding solutions. Thanks to the experience and the skills of PwC employees we are able to provide integrated solutions that will comply with strategic interests of your organization.

Current challenges

  Health Care

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How we helped the clients

  • We performed a supply chain analysis of a Czech University hospital and we evaluated the potential for possible outsourcing.
  • We performed an analysis of economic activities and financial flows for the Košický samosprávný kraj (Košice Regional Authority), and we also assessed appropriateness of potential changes in the management, operation or ownership of individual facilities and introduced other necessary steps for the proposed solution implementation.
  • PwC is the key partner for the Australian state Queensland ensuring complex reform of the health care system the objective of which is delivery of the highest-quality health services on the territory of Australia. Project management, change management, implementation of an efficient information system, establishment of an efficient supply chain, establishment of a system for measuring the health service performance and other areas relating to the health service reform are part of the project which lasts for several years.
  • We designed a strategic plan “Health 2020” for the company associating 15 hospitals with annual turnover of EUR 2 billion and employing more than 21 thousand of staff.
  • The long-term low investments into the renovation of the Great Britain hospital buildings and facilities led to a very poor technical condition of hospitals. PwC assisted with designing PPP projects for reconstruction and innovation of nine hospitals and with finding a partner for their implementation.
  • Our client faced negative effects due to changes in acts and government regulations, in particular due to the performance system implementation. We assisted the biggest health care provider in Great Britain in revising the strategy that will lead to the long-term hospital development; we assisted in the changes implementation and proposed an enhanced reporting system.
  • We performed dynamic simulation of selected processes for the hospital in Stavanger (fourth biggest hospital in Norway) with the help of a specially developed software instrument. On the basis of the simulation and together with physicians we were able to design enhanced procedures for intensive care and after-care units. At the same time the working processes in the hospital were harmonized.
  • Our reference database includes 250 other similar projects implemented in the health sector in the past years. Contact us, we would be happy to share our experience with you.