Making Public Service More Effective - Smart administration

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The citizens require more effective public service. The government representatives recognize this and at their meeting on 11th July 2007 they approved a strategy “Effective public administration and friendly public services “Smart Administration””. Projects for increasing the effectiveness of public service (reducing bureaucracy, computerisation of processes, etc.) can be financed from the European funds in the future.

An experienced team of PwC public sector experts will assist you in overcoming the challenges in introducing the Smart administration programme.

Current challenges

  • I need to ensure more transparency in provision of public services.
  • I need assistance with establishment of projects and the following management of e-government introduction.
  • I need to measure performance of individual ministries/ institutions/sections/departments.
  • I need to find out which part of an institution has the biggest area for improvement.
  • I need to identify weaknesses and strengths of the relevant institution and express them numerically.
  • I need to establish a continuous assessment system.
  • I need assistance with quality assurance in public administration (CAF).
  • I need to manage the change properly and efficiently.
  • I need to carry out performance and system audits.
  • I need to restructure a selected institution.
  • I need to propose a change for an institution or its selected parts.

How we helped the clients

  • We cooperated with the Government Office of the Czech Republic on the introduction of the system for the Czech Republic government programme implementation management and the operation of the office for the programme management.
  • For the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic we described and evaluated the current situation of the Central Financial and Tax Directorate and the territorial financial authorities and recommended further steps for improvement.
  • For the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic we prepared methodologies “Rules for provision of funds from the state budget for projects implemented within the Programme of foreign development cooperation of the Czech Republic”.
  • For the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic we assessed and designed optimisation system for provision of development assistance.
  • For the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic we developed a design of optimized organizational structure of the ESF (European Social Fund) Management Department.
  • We performed process and organizational audits for the Senate of the Czech Republic.
  • For the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic we proposed streamlining of public finance administration – Strengthening of monitoring and evaluation systems of public expenses.