Public administration strategy

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A Shared Service Centre represents centralisation of the organization’s resources which originally performed similar activities in different parts of the organization in order to provide services to many partners in the organization at lower costs, in higher quality and aimed at meeting their needs as in case of external customers.

Current challenges

  • I need an advice on defining the office strategy.
  • I need an advice on how to achieve optimum combination of performance, quality and costs of the public service provided.
  • I need an advice, if possible, on streamlining the activities of the institution using outsourcing for part of activities or establishment of a Shared Service Centre.
  • I need to identify the most important internal (strengths and weaknesses) and external factors (opportunities and threats) for achieving the set objective.
  • I need an advice on how to reduce costs without reducing the quality of services provided.
  • I need to introduce the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) method for evaluating the organization’s effectiveness.
  • I need to set the development indicators in such a way as to establish a stable decision base for processes on all levels of management.
  • Each of my subordinated institutions performs operational activities in a different manner and I need to ensure control and supervision over the activities.

How we helped the clients

  • We helped to establish a central agency for implementation of EU structural funds in Estonia.
  • For Ontario Shared Services, Canada, we performed a complete analysis of all processes in the areas mentioned, including internal rules, a benchmarking analysis of processes with similar organizations and prepared analysis of the organizational structure and human resources. Further to the analysis performed, a long-term plan for SSC was developed, including changes in the management, legislation, internal regulations, internal processes, technologies and the organization, including a timetable.
  • For the Northern Ireland Central Procurement Directorate we prepared a process analysis on the level of central authorities of public administration in the Northern Ireland and identified possibilities for establishing a SSC. On the basis of analysis results a SSC was established in the area of public procurement. The main output was establishment of the organizational structure including definition of roles and responsibilities and technical facilities for the SSC operation.