Risk Management

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We assist the clients in identifying the risks, understanding them and managing them so that a balanced relation between the risks and opportunities is secured.

We will assist you in the design and implementation of management systems ensuring that the organization would operate within the applicable national and European legislations.

Current challenges

  • I need to make decisions which will be based on appropriately set processes reflecting the risks.
  • I need to perform strategic testing of risks and the risk analysis in reference to the organization’s main objectives and strategy.
  • I need to manage processes efficiently and set measurable key performance indicators.
  • I need to perform revision of internal controls.
  • I need to identify potential risks to the successful implementation of projects and take measures for their reduction.
  • I need to analyze risks of the current withdrawal of funds from EU structural funds.
  • I need to introduce a decision-making system, which will be based on the appropriately set processes reflecting the risks.
  • I need to perform a forensic audit (forensic investigation).

How we helped the clients

  • We described and evaluated the current situation of the Central Financial and Tax Directorate and the territorial financial authorities and recommended further steps for improvement.
  • We assisted in strengthening the public finance administration by streamlining the public expenses monitoring and evaluation systems.
  • We assessed and optimized the development assistance system.