Human Resources Management in public administration

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Motivation, involvement and effective human resources management on all levels represents a key competition advantage. A coherent strategy, optimal processes and modern technologies themselves are not enough for achieving high quality outputs. People who shall accept, master and cope with change management required for achieving positive results are needed.

Current challenges

  • I need to set an organizational structure and define basic competences and working processes so that the organization will achieve required objectives of the selected strategy.
  • I need to set key performance indicators for monitoring the performance and labour efficiency of my employees or HR departments.
  • I need to set control and coordination mechanisms for successful project and programme management.
  • I need to find, engage and motivate diversified labour in order to achieve required objectives.
  • I am seeking an efficient strategy for human resources development.
  • I want to benchmark efficiency of my HR department against other entities.

How we helped the clients

  • We prepared the human resources analysis of CSFD (Community Support Framework Department) in relation to the current and anticipated activities during the programming period 2004 - 2007.
  • We developed a design of optimized organizational structure of the ESF (European Social Fund) Management Department.
  • We performed process and organizational audits of the Senate of the Czech Republic.
  • We described and evaluated the current situation of the Central Financial and Tax Directorate and the territorial financial authorities and recommended further steps for improvement.