Project Management and Change Management

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A majority of transformation projects will not bring anticipated savings and positive effects. The PwC study found that 9 out of 10 main causes of the change failure relates to the approach of people who are affected by the change and who e.g. do not communicate sufficiently, do not have experience in the change management or they have dislike for the change. More than 80% of the project implementation problems start in the planning stage of the project and can be simply eliminated, if correct methodology is used. If you do not want to take the risk that your project would also be included in the failed ones, we are fully available to you.

Through the experience of our experts and examples of successful project and change management PwC can assist you in bringing your project to a successful end. We shall assist you in the change management, the programme and project management and in evaluation of already running projects.


Current challenges

  • I need to establish a change vision and identify potential change benefits.
  • I need to evaluate the current situation of the organization and plan a change process.
  • I need assistance in breaking the aversion against the change and establish a sense of responsibility and involvement.
  • I need assistance in programme and project management ensuring that all relevant parties would agree with the change, the benefits of the change would be implemented; the scope of the project would be realistic and manageable and risks eliminated.
  • I need to design a new setting of the organization and culture.
  • I need to set processes which would support change sustainability.
  • I need an independent and objective view on the current project status.
  • I need assistance in the project management methodology.

How we helped the clients

  • We cooperate with the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic on the introduction of the system for the Czech Republic government programme implementation management and the operation of the office for the programme management.
  • We are currently securing a project office for the Luxembourg Government concerning a 5-year project for development of the human resources and the remuneration systems.
  • We worked as primary advisors for the Norwegian government on the merger and establishment of a new Agency for employment and social security, including development of the transformation and implementation plan. This project was the first one of its kind where the central government and the local authorities joined forces and cooperated on such an extensive project aimed at establishing a joint service.
  • We performed an expert assessment of the current situation of personnel activities, processes and the organizational structure for the Senate of the Czech Republic. We analyzed the labour and legal internal procedural documentation; we mapped current personnel processes and proposed optimisation of processes in maintaining or enhancing current outputs and reduction of costs in the area of human resources management.