I need to execute public tender

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Do you need an advice on the preparation and carrying out the tender procedure? We will be happy to assist you with the tender preparation and with its performance. At the same time we can offer you checking of the already carried out tender.  


Preparatory phase Implementation of idea Benefits from implementation
  • Assessment on whether it is a public procurement
  • Assistance with definition of the subject of the contract
  • Specification of the type of the public tender
  • Setting the value of the tender
  • Design of the public procurement process
  • Evaluation of tax implications
  • Preparation of tender documentation
  • Preparation of evaluating criteria
  • Preparation and publication of the tender documentation in the Official Journal of the European Union
  • Assistance in communication with applicants and responses to queries
  • Assistance in opening of envelopes
  • Assistance in evaluation of delivered bids and consultations in case of uncertainty
  • Support in monitoring of compliance with contractual arrangements
  • Dispute settlement
  • Compliance of the tender procedure with Act no 137/2006 Coll. on procurement