I need to sell assets/privatize public property

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Do you need to sell assets/privatize public property? We will be happy to assist you with the project preparation and implementation, and subsequently ensure added value including its measurement.


Preparatory phase Implementation of idea Benefits from implementation
  • Consultancy in setting the privatization strategy and the transaction structure
  • Market analysis
  • Preliminary evaluation of the transaction
  • Financial advisory services
  • Evaluation of accessibility
  • Evaluation of compliance with public procurement rules
  • Design of the public procurement process
  • Proposal for monitoring the contractual framework compliance
  • Evaluation of tax implications
  • Preparation of documentation including definition of the contract scope
  • Preparation of the selection criteria
  • Preparation and publication of the tender documentation in the Official Journal of the European Union
  • Communication with interested parties and acceptance of bids
  • Evaluation of applications for participation and preparation of a shortlist
  • Evaluation of bids
  • Negotiations on closing the transaction
  • Assistance in negotiating with the buyers during the transaction
  • Support in monitoring of compliance with contractual arrangements
  • Dispute settlement