I need finance and accounting optimisation

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Do you need to optimize finance and accounting? We will be happy to assist you with the project preparation and implementation, and subsequently ensure added value including its measurement.


Preparatory phase Implementation of idea Benefits from implementation
  • Development of financial results scenario for the future period
  • Harmonization of internal accounting and consolidation methodologies and directives with international standards
  • Identification of possible resources for funding additional activities
  • Analysis and evaluation of utilization of property owned by the public service organization
  • Allocation of assets to the organization’s key processes
  • Allocation of costs
  • Assessment of tenders
  • Development of detailed methodological accounting manual for public administration bodies
  • Re-training of responsible government employees
  • Analysis of accounts reporting processes focused on information requirements put on the statements in compliance with international accounting standards
  • Evaluation of IT systems linked to the accounts
  • Identification of areas for improvement
  • Observing and monitoring that the strategy was fulfilled
  • Design and implementation of the KPI (key performance indicators) system for financial processes
  • Compliance of the tender procedure with Act no 137/2006 Coll. On public procurement