I need to manage employees effectively

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Do you need to manage employees effectively? We will be happy to assist you with the project preparation and implementation, and subsequently ensure added value including its measurement.


Preparatory phase Implementation of idea Benefits from implementation
  • Evaluation of the current number of employees and development of a differential analysis in relation to the planned organizational changes
  • Financing the external personnel capacities from technical assistance
  • Allocation of costs for human resources to concrete activities or organization’s outputs
  • Analysis of existing and planned processes and future requirements for human resources
  • Analysis of internal process documentation
  • Discovery of potential duplicity in activities or illogical groupings
  • Partial activities performance effectiveness comparison against other government authorities (benchmarking)
  • FTE analysis
  • Allocation of the labour force to partial activities through defining cost factors
  • Managed interviews with employees
  • Assistance with project applications for technical assistance
  • Assessment of potential synergy with other institutions within the public service
  • Assessment of potential for outsourcing
  • Design of a new organizational structure focused on increasing the quality or efficiency of services provided