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Czech TaxAbout the trainings

At PwC, we have developed leading expertise in tax advisory as we regularly train our clients and professionals in the latest trends and practical issues. All seminars are designed to be practical and engaging, using case studies and examples to illustrate practical implications of taxes on the environment inside Czech companies. 


Who should attend?

The trainings are aimed at anyone who needs to understand key tax principles and topics and keep up to date with current issues in this area.


Benefits of the trainings

  • Your instructors will be our tax specialists who have extensive experience in training and advisory for clients from the pharmaceutical, automotive, manufacturing and IT sectors
  • The trainings include practical examples from real business situations, with sufficient time being put aside for your questions and discussions with other participants


Topic samples

Slovak corporate income tax and amendment of the VAT Act, effective from 1 January 2014 in Slovakia

The first part of this seminar focuses on corporate income tax payable and offers a complete overview of costs, revenues and other items, which usually require a specific treatment in corporate income tax returns of the taxpayers keeping books under Slovak Accounting Standards. The seminar provides also information about the most important changes in this area, effective from 2014. The second part of the seminar focuses on changes in VAT law, for example, changes in VAT registrations, VAT Ledger – new liability for all taxpayers or new way of credit notes and debit notes reporting.

Employee benefits from the tax point of view

Do you need to get a systematic overview of all possible employee benefits and their effective tax treatment? We will help you to understand the complicated rules and taxation principles for both employees and companies. We will teach you to consider the different types of employee benefits from the personal income tax and social and health insurance point of view. We will teach you how to correctly separate tax deductible and non-deductible benefits and we will bring the VAT treatments of certain benefits to your attention. After our training you will be able to independently optimise the benefits for all parties involved!

Introduction to Czech taxation (in English)

Do you have any foreign colleagues who need to unravel the mysteries of Czech taxation? With them in mind we have set up special training, during which a general overview of the Czech taxation system will be presented. We will go through the most important areas that not just every tax professional should know. After the one-day training they will be able to understand the main principles of Czech corporate and personal income tax, social and health insurance, VAT and other taxes, for example, the real estate tax, real estate transfer tax, road tax, inheritance and also gift tax.

Transfer pricing

Do you want to manage transfer pricing expertise in-house? Join our training to become a transfer pricing expert!

  • You will perfectly understand the arm’s length principle, the OECD methodology and the latest BEPS issues.
  • You will learn how to set-up transfer pricing policy and how to prepare relevant Czech transfer pricing documentation including the compulsory appendix to the Corporate Income Tax Return (disclosing inter-company transactions).
  • You will refresh your understanding of Czech transfer pricing guidelines issued by the Czech Ministry of Finance and of the reports issued by the EU Joint Transfer Pricing Forum.
  • You will also have an insight how to manage transfer pricing risks

Deferred tax according to Czech accounting standards and IFRS – accounting and tax aspects

This seminar combines accounting and tax issues. In the first section, we will guide you through the tax difficulties (tax deductibility of expenses, temporary and permanent differences). The second section will inform you about the principles and methods of calculating deferred tax. The practical examples we use will summarise the most common situations. The seminar will also teach you the principles of reconciling the effective tax rate as a control mechanism for calculating deferred tax. Finally, we will summarise the differences between Czech accounting principles and IFRS that arise when calculating deferred tax.

Preparation of the tax return

Do you want to discover the secret of how to correctly prepare a tax return? During the training we will advise you how to systematically check your corporate income tax calculation, how to utilise the items deductible from the tax base and mainly how to verify that all costs declared as tax non-deductible are really tax non-deductible. After participating in this training you will also understand the foreign income exemption and credit of tax paid abroad. We also guarantee that Annex “C” will never scare you.

Tax Procedure Code training

Are you worried about the Tax Office? Register for our Tax Procedure Code training and “tax audit”, “default interest” and “penalty” will not keep you awake at night. As part of our programme we will demystify the tax proceedings, so that you will be never again be surprised by something the tax office says or does. During the training you will learn about our first experiences with the Tax Procedure Code, you will learn how to respond to a tax audit regarding other than tax issues and what the criminal liability of companies means in practical terms from the tax point of view.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us on: Your input is highly welcome and we are ready to propose you a tailored course.