Coaching for Business

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Coaching gets employees up the learning curve very fast and helps them take initiative, contribute ideas and make decisions quickly. Numerous recent studies show that coaching typically produces a return on investment of over 500% and significant intangible benefits.


About the training

Coaching for BusinessAfter this 6-day programme, you will be able to clarify the purpose, goals and nature of coaching. The programme focuses others on the achievement of their goals, support and drive their self-responsibility and develop their own coaching model.


Who is it for?

Are you a manager with little or no coaching experience who wants to work more effectively with their team members to achieve high performance within the company? This programme is intended for organisations who want to equip their line and/or executive managers with the skills needed to demonstrate a more facilitative leadership style and to get the best out of their people.


Benefits of studying with The Academy

  • Solutions to real practical issues that you might use at work
  • Highly experienced tutors with coaching certificates
  • Shared experience and networking opportunities with other leading clients
  • Development of your own coaching skills with help from respected professionals
  • Successful participants will be able to prove their knowledge by utilising what they learn in the PwC Diploma in Executive Coaching course



MODULE 1 – Beginnings: Engaging the coachee

  • Programme overview
  • Pre-contracting, contracting
  • Establishing rapport
  • Coaching as a learning space
  • Experiential learning
  • The GROW model
  • Co-active coaching


MODULE 2 – Deepening and understanding

  • Your coaching state
  • Boundaries of coaching
  • Metaphors - gifts from your coachee
  • Aspects of gestalt theory relevant to coaching
  • Active directed awareness vs open indirect awareness
  • The wider coaching system
  • Coaching supervision
  • The purpose of coaching supervision
  • Useful organisations


MODULE 3 – Successful review and closure

  • Solution-focused approach
  • Learning from action and action from learning
  • The context of the coach in leadership development
  • Ending a coaching session
  • Ending and managing feedback to the organisation


Integration: Live action coaching day

During the day, participants are invited to present their coaching model and to perform a coaching session, both of which are evaluated in order to achieve the diploma.


For more information do not hesitate to contact us on: Your input is highly welcome and we are ready to propose you a tailored course.