CIMA Advantage

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For years we have been listening to the suggestions of our students and tutors and considering the employers‘ point of view. The result is the CIMA Advantage –designed to give our students the best possible chances of passing all of their examinations on the first attempt.


CIMA Advantage

Your way to success:

Significant reduction of home-study time

Scheduling study time matters and that is why we give you a guided study plan and interactive study support to help you prepare outside of the course time effectively.

Books are slowly becoming a matter of the past and therefore we will provide you with electronic versions, course notes, and interactive tests to make your studies more variable.


The night before the exam = sleeping without nightmares

Even though we emphasise continuous learning, we understand that you will focus your studies especially in the weeks preceding the exam.

That is exactly when the block courses will be run and by the time you sit in the examination room, you will still have all the tutors’ tips fresh in your mind.


No worry about the exams

After the courses, our tutors will make sure you revise efficiently. How? At the end of the course you will sit a mock exam and the tutors will give you detailed feedback on what areas need more focus. You will also receive useful tips and last-minute advice.


How does it look like?

From receiving the books to the final exam simulation, we will guide you every step of the way.

8 weeks before exam  

Guided home study

Students work at home several evenings and 1 weekend day per week and attempt progress tests which are monitored.
before the training course

Final Assessment

Students attempt exam simulation at home before the training course.
at the training course

Intensive Preparation Course

2 day intensive training course focused on Exam Technique and application of topics learned during home study.
after the training course

Invigilated Exam Simulation & Feedback

Students attempt an exam simulation under real conditions, students receive individual feedback and guidance for final study.


For more information do not hesitate to contact us on: Your input is highly welcome and we are ready to propose you a tailored course.