How to write a sustainability report - Individual consultancy

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Individual consultancy

Individual consultations during the GRI report preparation help you focus on the specific needs and requirements of your company. Thanks to the individual approach, we will help you to apply the GRI standards in your company so you will prepare you reports more easily, quickly and effectively.


Who would benefit from the consultations

The consultations are intended for those who are preparing sustainability and corporate responsibility reports and who wish to raise its quality and impact of the communication with their target groups. This consultancy is suitable for those who are planning to start reporting as well as for all who have already started and want to better focus their efforts. Consultations can be focused on selected elements of GRI methodology or its full application.


Benefits of individual consultancy

  • Answering specific questions and help with resolving problems of your company
  • Higher efficiency in report preparation in comparison with the classical training
  • Practical examples from your company’s industry

The experts who provide this consultancy are tutors who have practical experience and knowledge in the area of GRI and sustainable development. The consultations can be provided in Czech or English. If you would like to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your reporting process and you are looking for inspiration, advice and best practice examples, don’t hesitate to contact us and join the others who we have already helped.


The consultation was prepared and led in an absolutely professional manner and tailored exactly to our company’s needs. The examples from similar fields of business, examples of other reports or comparisons of the new G4 methodology against the previous G3 – in any case we received very specific and factual information, examples and answers.

Help in defining all the steps that are important for an action plan with the aim of report publishing was very beneficial for our report preparation.

Another benefit of this personal consultation (in comparison with a standard classical training) is the tailored approach, thanks to which we spent every minute of the consultation on issues applicable to our company. Time spent on the consultation was fully utilised and it was really useful.

I would recommend this form of cooperation before and during report preparation to every company that wants to really effectively focus its effort and that wants to achieve the maximum benefit.

Marcela Kubíková (Quality Development & Corporate Responsibility Manager)
TNT Express Worldwide, spol. s.r.o.


Tailored training from PwC was very thorough and, in many aspects, it surpassed our expectations. The tutor was professionally prepared, provided us with a sufficient amount of information and practical examples from our industry corresponding with required topics and even something extra. Her personal approach made a pleasant atmosphere thanks to which it was possible to discuss even confidential issues and get an independent professional opinion. We also received a lot of materials for possible further study. Considering this very positive experience, we count on further cooperation in the future and, in case of any contentious issues (not only in the area of CSR report preparation), we know where to find professional advice.

Marika Janoušková Manager of External Communications,
Český Aeroholding, a.s.

Do you want us to help you with the report?

If you are interested in the consultations, please send us an email on or contact Lucie Kašparová by e-mail or +420 251 152 035.