Tax, Legal & Business News 2014

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The PwC bulletin Tax, Legal & Business News, the next generation of Tax & Legal Alert. Issued regularly on monthly basis, Tax, Legal & Business News bulletin places emphasis on changes and news in connection with Czech tax legislation, audit, accounting and financial advisory and their particular implications on your business.

Tax Flash is another publication you can read and download from this page. Tax Flash is issued in response to important changes in Czech and European legislation. Its aim is to supply the Czech business community with information applicable to its business operations.

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VAT Flash - 23 December 2014

  • Important information relevant for VAT payers

November/December 2014

  • New wave of questionnaires on related party transactions and important observations from the seminar
  • OECD: fewer conditions necessary for the creation of permanent establishments
  • Old reserve funds aren’t just for covering losses
  • The VAT liability limit will be reduced to CZK 540,000
  • Support programs will be more focused on competitiveness in 2014- 2020
  • Amendment specifies the definition of financial leasing
  • 100% provisions for non-statutebarred receivables now after just 30 months
  • Pitfalls of acquittances
  • Not all life insurance contributions can be deducted from tax
  • New visa centre in Ukraine
  • The Academy

VAT Flash - 9 December 2014

  • Important information relevant for VAT payers

Tax Flash - 4 December 2014

  • Czech Republic: Final version of mandatory reporting of related party transactions

October/November 2014

  • Amendment to the Income Taxes Act is moving on to the Senate
  • Tax administration has transfer prices in its sights
  • OECD transfer pricing guidelines: documentation and intangible assets
  • Registration with the single administrative point for VAT has begun
  • Significant tightening of the conditions for exempting employer contributions to life insurance
  • Confirmed – pensioners can apply for tax relief for 2013
  • Training
  • Study – The quality of a company’s reports strongly influences its assessment in the eyes of investors
  • Volunteers from the Brno office of PwC CR cleaned up a part of the Palava Landscape Protected Area
  • We invite you
  • The Academy

Tax Flash - 6 November 2014

  • Czech Republic: Questionnaire concerning related-party transactions - Phase II

September/October 2014

  • Employee cards
  • STO Questionnaires: Tax administration has made transfer pricing question a priority
  • Draft amendment to ITA guidance
  • When can you take a tax deduction for accounting depreciations?
  • Severance payments should be subject to new deductions for social security and health insurance
  • Mini One-Stop-Shop: one administrative point for VAT payments coming soon
  • Amendment to the Act on Accounting implements new EU directive into Czech law
  • American citizens living in the Czech Republic have further tax obligations in the USA
  • The Czech Republic has concluded treaties on social security with India and Russia
  • Preparing the amendment to the NCC – Will it really solve the most urgent problems?
  • David Borkovec is new lead partner for PwC CR Tax and Legal Services
  • The Academy
  • We invite you

VAT Flash - 22 September 2014

  • Important information relevant for VAT payers

Tax Flash - 19 September 2014

  • New OECD Guidance Regarding Transfer Pricing Documentation and Valuation of Intangibles

Tax Flash - 6 August 2014

  • Czech Republic: Questionnaire concerning related-party transactions

Tax Flash - 18 July 2014

  • Czech Republic: Mandatory reporting of related-party transactions

July 2014

  • Expected changes in taxation from 2015
  • Deposit for fuel distributors declared illegal
  • Local Listing for VAT beginning 2016
  • Draft tax changes for individuals from 2015
  • Option to pay dividend advances - new possibilities for partners and shareholders
  • Driving licence for foreigners
  • Study: CEOs call for reform of the international tax system
  • Social responsibility
  • The Academy
  • We invite you

May/June 2014

  • Foreign trusts in the Czech Republic follow rules for trust funds, under certain conditions…
  • New ways to utilise tax losses
  • Ministry of Finance plans to up the ante in fight against tax evasion
  • Are you a lessor collecting security deposits? Watch out for the interest
  • President signed amendment to Foreigners’ Act
  • Capturing building rights in accounting
  • Study – PwC IPO Watch: On the European market, IPOs live again
  • Study - Wrong people in the wrong places costs the global economy USD 150 billion
  • Study - PayWell Study and HR Controlling
  • Study - Corporate social responsibility
  • The Academy
  • We invite you

April 2014

  • What can we expect in taxes from the new Government?
  • Another amendment to the VAT Act is coming soon
  • OECD measures against abuse of double taxation treaties
  • Pledge registers may jeopardise your position as security agent
  • Michael Mullen became a partner in PwC Legal
  • Legal services of PwC Legal: Our special products
  • Bulgarians and Romanians have free access to the labour market in the EU
  • Study - Scandinavian countries are the most favourable to women
  • Study - PwC measured digital IQ of firms
  • The Academy
  • We invite you

March 2014

  • Amendment will bring new tools to support research and development
  • Are the tax authorities requiring you to submit particular evidence?
  • Excise duty on cigarettes will increase again
  • List of unreliable VAT payers can be easily generated - it contains 54 firms
  • Surcharges beyond the registered capital of the company — now faster and cheaper
  • The deadline for submitting the insurance return is approaching. Does it apply to you?
  • Labour inspectorates will likely increase the frequency of checks
  • Accounting of levies according to IFRS
  • Study - Economic crime is increasingly coming from the virtual world
  • PwC CR’s Corporate Responsibility Report for 2013
  • We invite you

February 2014

  • Tax news planned by the new coalition
  • Tax advisers of the year from PwC ČR
  • News for VAT payers in Slovakia
  • Will the recipient of a supply report the VAT also in the case of further commodities?
  • Concerns: a new opportunity or a threat to statutory bodies?
  • Contractual foreign employees are socially insured from the very first day
  • The government approved the proposed Act on Children’s Groups
  • Wage compensation period for employers has been shortened
  • Work permit: how and when to authenticate the proof of education
  • Employees who are required to pay the “solidarity tax” will have to submit a tax return for 2013!
  • Czech CEOs expect growth on the domestic market
  • The Academy
  • We invite you

January 2014

  • The criteria for an unreliable VAT payer are being extended
  • PwC Online is now available for Android
  • Unrealized exchange rate differences belong in the tax base
  • A new era in Czech legislation - Amend your founding documents and opt in
  • Employee card replaces the residence and employment permit
  • Personal income tax in 2014 – what to expect
  • Work clothes can be exempt from tax
  • Czech companies experience almost a quarter of a year of less tax obligations over the past five years
  • The Academy
  • We invite you