Tax, Legal & Business News 2013

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The PwC bulletin Tax, Legal & Business News, the next generation of Tax & Legal Alert. Issued regularly on monthly basis, Tax, Legal & Business News bulletin places emphasis on changes and news in connection with Czech tax legislation, audit, accounting and financial advisory and their particular implications on your business.

Tax Flash is another publication you can read and download from this page. Tax Flash is issued in response to important changes in Czech and European legislation. Its aim is to supply the Czech business community with information applicable to its business operations.

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November 2013

  • News on the conditions for the exemption of supplies of goods from Germany to another EU member state
  • News in the fields of taxation, law and business always at hand
  • Statutory provisions on the immovable property acquisition tax
  • The Senate has abolished the extraordinary depreciation of assets as well as the exemption of the share in the profit from personal income tax
  • Operators of solar power plants are having problems concluding contracts on financing solar panel recycling
  • Americans working in the Czech Republic will not have to pay health insurance in both countries
  • Applicants for Czech citizenship will also be tested on history or geography
  • Significant news in IFRS for next year will concern in particular the consolidation
  • Study - Share offerings of mediumsized companies pave the way for the next IPOs and a healthier market
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October 2013

  • BEPS Action plan
  • Enforcement of the rules relating to unpaid VAT guarantee is being postponed
  • OECD News about Transfer Pricing
  • Patent and protect
  • PwC issued a pocket overview of key IFRS standards
  • The place of work in the work permit does not limit foreign nationals on business trips in the Czech Republic
  • E-filings will be mandatory for employers
  • Czech-Slovak pensions will even up
  • Study - Movie ticket prices will increase only minimally this year
  • The Academy
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September 2013

  • The Senate has rejected the tax related changes approved by the Chamber of Deputies
  • New regulation of investment companies
  • Increase in minimum wage brings a number of changes
  • How to correctly interpret the concept of work clothes?
  • The amendment of the Foreigners’ Stay Act shall simplify the immigration process
  • Less than one quarter of countries uses double-entry bookkeeping which is common in each company in the 21st century
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Tax Flash - 22 July 2013

  • Implications of the BEPS Action Plan

June 2013

  • Hoteliers have reason to celebrate: the occupancy rate of Prague hotels increased last year
  • An external expert can speed up the liquidation of an insurance event related to business interruption
  • The rules for corrections of VAT on bad debts are changing
  • A selection of interesting court decisions
  • Parents will be able to terminate the employment of an underage person
  • Leasing accounting according to IFRS will change
  • Croats are entering the EU: their conditions of employment in the Czech Republic are changing
  • The employment of family members of EU citizens
  • Study - Who is admired by the leaders of global firms?
  • The Academy

May 2013

  • Czech trusts: what to watch out for
  • GFD specified the invoicing rules for VAT purposes
  • What effect will a new Civil Code have on labour law?
  • What are the European stock market regulators checking in the financial statements?
  • New transparency requirements for financial companies under the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD 4) are coming up
  • Do you have a monthly income above CZK 103,536? You have to pay a solidarity tax and submit a tax return
  • 2nd generation Schengen information system has been launched
  • Life returns to European IPO markets
  • The Academy
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April 2013

  • What 2014 can give us (and take from us)
  • The tax administration will enable bulk online verification of unreliable taxpayer status and bank account numbers that were made public
  • How is the implementation of FATCA proceeding?
  • The end of bearer stocks is approaching
  • How to correctly account for own bonds
  • Employment in Russia will be included in the calculation of pensions
  • Czech immigration policy is changing
  • Study - Losses caused by recent hacker attacks did not exceed CZK 10 million
  • The Academy
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VAT Flash - 3 April 2013

  • Important information relevant for all Czech VAT payers

March 2013

  • What are the differences in the non-competition clauses according to the labour code and commercial law?
  • GFD specified the conditions for applying reduced VAT rate on medical devices
  • Do you classify your transactions for tax purposes correctly?
  • A new withholding tax rate established for residents of non-contractual states
  • New directive regulates exchange of information between Czech and foreign tax administrations
  • Authorities intensify checks on illegal employment
  • New tax credit approaching
  • Individuals renting immovable property must register for income tax
  • The Academy

February 2013

  • A bleak Christmas surprise
  • How to pay tax and where to send the application
  • Specification of the changes in the VAT Act
  • Statutory body’s acting with due care
  • What can we expect from IASB in the future?
  • Last call for submitting applications for innovation subsidies
  • The list of countries whose citizens may apply for a green card is expanding
  • Changes in the area of travel allowances
  • We will grow in 3 years