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The PwC bulletin Tax, Legal & Business News, the next generation of Tax & Legal Alert. Issued regularly on monthly basis, Tax, Legal & Business News bulletin places emphasis on changes and news in connection with Czech tax legislation, audit, accounting and financial advisory and their particular implications on your business.

Tax Flash is another publication you can read and download from this page. Tax Flash is issued in response to important changes in Czech and European legislation. Its aim is to supply the Czech business community with information applicable to its business operations.

We hope that you consider our newsletters useful and a valuable source of information.


VAT Flash - 21 December 2012 (pdf 94 kB)

  • Changes in VAT as of 2013


Tax Flash - 21 December 2012 (pdf 70 kB)

  • The President has signed a package of the economic measures intended to keep the state budget deficit under three percent of GDP for the next three years.


Tax, Legal & Business News - December 2012 (pdf 619 kB)

  • Tax deductible bonus must meet measurable criteria set up in advance
  • CZK 2,000 is an optimal contribution to the supplementary pension insurable from tax point of view
  • The threshold for social security will be more than CZK 1,200,000
  • Big changes or tiny amendments resulting from the revision of IFRS fro SME?
  • General Financial Directorate reduces the administrative burden for intra-group services
  • Your supervisor can order you when to use untaken holidays
  • It will be more difficult to obtain Czech citizenship for residents from third countries
  • Companies spend an average of 267 hours on paperwork related to tax collection, computerization will make it significantly easier
  • The Academy
  • We invite you
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Tax, Legal & Business News - November 2012 (pdf 819 kB)

  • The Amendment to the Execution Acts strengthens the role of executors and administrative bodies
  • VAT rates are increased all over EU
  • You can newly use accounting records to prove the existence of assets
  • Acknowledgement of foreign education is newly issued by the Centre for equivalence of documents
  • Study - Global production of electromobiles will be ten times higher within five years
  • The Academy seminars
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Tax Flash - 7 November 2012 (pdf 105 kB)

  • On 7 November 2012, the Chamber of Deputies has approved the economic measures intended to keep the state budget deficit under three percent of GDP for the next three years. These changes will be further discussed by the Senate, which can either approve them or send them back to the Chamber of Deputies.


Tax, Legal & Business News - October 2012 (pdf 653 kB)

  • Amendment to Excise Duties Act increases rates and introduces new liabilities
  • Employee can be dismissed for the use of PC for personal purposes
  • The entrepreneur must immediately submit an insolvency proposal in the event of bankruptcy
  • The state provides a subsidy for training staff
  • Total revenues per employee per year reach CZK 3.9 million in the Czech Republic
  • Internally transferred foreign employees can obtain a working visa
  • Global Entertainment & Media Outlook: 2012-2016
  • The Academy
  • We invite you
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VAT Flash - 2 October 2012 (pdf 225 kB)

  • On 26 September 2012, the Czech Chamber of Deputies approved the VAT Act amendment that should come into effect in January 2013. We are pleased to provide a copy of our new VAT Flash report concerning what will be the main changes in Czech VAT law in 2013.


Tax, Legal & Business News - Summer 2012 (pdf 474 kB)

  • Employee ill during vacation? Are they entitled to its compensation
  • Can portfolio management be subject to VAT?
  • Pension reform before start. New obligation await us
  • What is new in the EU with regard to social security rules
  • Management's commentary is required for merges
  • Foreign managers do not have to deal with recognition of foreign education
  • The basic registry will limit the necessity to visit several authorities
  • When travelling to exotic countries you must have Yellow card
  • Banana Skins - Czech bankers are mostly concerned about the uncertain progress of the economy and the excessive regulation
  • The Academy
  • We invite you
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Tax Flash - 21 June 2012 (pdf 71 kB)

  • Intangibles - new provisions in OECD Guidelines


Tax, Legal & Business News - June 2012 (pdf 551 kB)

  • How should we successfully face the current debt crisis spreading across Europe yet keep pace with the world?
  • Obligation to file tax return from 2013
  • VAT on phone cards and other types of bills
  • Serial changes of the Civil Code
  • Linking land & property
  • The terms for US GAAP and some other reporting frameworks were prolonged for foreign issuers
  • Children travelling newly with own travel document
  • One third of Czech companies will change their owners in next two years
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Tax, Legal & Business News - May 2012 (pdf 351 kB)

  • As I see it
  • New package of measure for the years 2012 and 2013
  • Tax news in international relations – what has happened and what can we expect
  • Shortages and damages subject to VAT based on repeated judicial decision
  • Amendment to the Act on Public Procurement is effective from 1 April
  • IFRS news - status of key projects
  • Exceptions from the work permit requirement
  • Health insurance of foreign nationals
  • The Academy seminars on current tax issues
  • We invite you
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Tax Flash - 10 May 2012 (pdf 123 kB)

  • Unrealised FX gains no longer taxable!


Tax, Legal & Business News - April 2012 (pdf 569 kB)

  • New Civil Code
  • Change in application of VAT for medical services
  • Selection from new court decisions
  • Project on intra-company transfers of employees
  • Changes in social security and health insurance with Switzerland
  • EC proposal for a Directive on the Annual and Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Study – Quality, tradition and innovation
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Tax Flash - 23 March 2012 (pdf 92 kB)

  • The amendment to the Act on Investment Incentives


VAT Flash - 13 March 2012 (pdf 65 kB)

  • Equal rules for both, paper and electronic tax documents, from 2013?


Tax, Legal & Business News - March 2012 (pdf 943 kB)

  • Czech companies will focus mainly on their domestic market and innovation this year
  • Construction works are not complicated by only the frost
  • Further tightening regarding excise duties is expected
  • Change in judicial decisions regarding article 196a/3
  • Illustrative consolidated financial statements according to 2011 IFRS in Czech
  • Validation of foreign education is needed for the issuing of work permits to foreigners
  • Agreements to complete a job – health insurance and social security
  • There will not be less work this year
  • The Academy
  • We invite you
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Tax, Legal & Business News - February 2012 (pdf 1,4 MB)

  • Watch out for illegal employment
  • PwC – the most desired tax employer
  • Where will the increase in VAT rates stop?
  • Change in EU customs tariff for 2012
  • Estimated items are back before the court again
  • New liability when in over-indebtedness
  • The Latest News: Changes in Czech accounting legislation
  • General directors are predicting gloomy prospects for the economy
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Tax, Legal & Business News - January 2012 (pdf 430 kB)

  • Tax news in 2012
  • Intrastat reports will be submitted through a more modern application, InstatDesk, from January 2012
  • What will change for physical persons in tax and insurance in 2012?
  • Reminder: criminal liability of legal persons starts in January
  • A number of companies will have to change their method of reporting revenue
  • Changes in the area of travel allowances to take effect from 1 January 2012
  • A series of amendments addressed the legalisation of the stay by foreign nationals from countries outside the EU
  • Petr Sedláček will lead the team of advisory services for banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions
  • Economic crime in the Czech Republic is increasing, more and more offenders are creeping into companies via the internet health insurance extended
  • Paywell
  • Coaching for business
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