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Regardless of the size of your company or your industry, corporate responsibility (CSR) and sustainability are issues that will have an impact on the future of your business.

Today’s business leaders who operate sustainably are those that incorporate social, environmental, economic and ethical factors into their core business strategies. They also understand that the sustainability agenda requires working collaboratively with all stakeholders—from suppliers and customers to employees, shareholders and governments.


PwC offers its services to companies that want to:

  • create or further develop sustainability a strategy closely aligned with their business and results
  • strengthen their ability to create long-term value for their shareholders and other stakeholders
  • analyse strengths and weaknesses and identify areas of new opportunities or key risks
  • increase operational efficiency and limit the negative impact of their business on the environment
  • improve communication and cooperation with stakeholders
  • measure and report sustainability activities


For companies looking to improve their business performance and create long-term shareholder value, PwC helps by developing sustainability strategy, performance management and reporting solutions.


Asking how to become more sustainable is not all that different from asking what a company should do to be successful and profitable. Companies that have embraced sustainability have found that it is good for business. No company works in a vacuum. Being a good corporate citizen, acting responsibly with respect for the environment – those are values stakeholders increasingly want to see in businesses.
Chris Skirrow, Partner, PwC Czech Republic


Global CEOs recognise that sustainable business growth requires working closely with local populations, governments and business partners. We have also noted this trend here in the Czech Republic.
Jiří Zouhar, Partner, Assurance services