We continue fulfilling our philanthropic promise

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As in previous years, we decided within our Charity initiative to give money instead of gifts to those who need it the most, using the funds that had been allocated for buying gifts for clients. At the same time, we have organised the 13th season of the traditional employee Christmas Charity.


How does it work?

The employees of PwC CR contributed financially to support the selected non-profit organisations. Although the overall amount is combined from several resources, the biggest one is the financial contributions from the employees and PwC’s matching donation. The Christmas Charity is also augmented by a special Christmas fundraising breakfast where PwC volunteers sell their home-made goods to their colleagues. The proceeds from the event are then added to the charity collection. Last but not least, the amount that had been allocated for buying gifts for clients during the previous year is added to this collection.

We support educational programs in particular for young people who have somehow been excluded from society, whether due to their physical or mental handicaps or the social situation of their families. We support non-profit organisations who are dedicated to educating and developing these individuals and who strive to increase their chances for self-sufficiency and independence.

On Thursday 18 December 2014, our 3 chosen NGOs took over our financial donation in the total amount of CZK 330 000. The symbolic cheques were handed over by Jiří Moser.

On the picture from right: Marie Vodičková, director of the Fund for Children in Need (Fond ohrožených dětí), Kateřina Hrozová, director of Rozlet o.p.s., which provides Café Bazaar, Jiří Moser, managing partner of PwC ČR and Ivana Šatrová, director of the Safety Line Association (Sdružení Linka bezpečí).



The Fund for Children in Need

175 000

Cover costs for children in Klokanek houses as well as to organise a Summer camp

We helped with the operations of a summer camp for kids from foster families and from the “Klokanek” program. This way we helped children who experienced a traumatic family event in the past to experience some positive moments by sending them for a stay outdoors during the summer holidays. We supported those activities which help them naturally interact with other kids, relax, enjoy themselves and encourage their positive future development.

Café Bazaar (Rozlet o.p.s.)

70 000

Job Creation

Our donation supported the training positions at the Cafe as a support chef or waiter. During the 12-month trainee program at Cafe a trainer gains some experience as this will be important once a trainer starts looking for a permanent position. An important part of training is the social-therapeutic support from a counsellor who helps a trainer to get through his/her unfavourable life situation. Because of the trainee program, a trainer has a few months or one year to prepare himself/herself for future adult life.

The Safety Line Association

85 000

Support a free helpline for children who need help

Our donation covered 2-day costs of the helpline. During these 2 days (June 16 – 17) the helpline received more than 1 3000 calls. Almost 30 consultants helped children and young people to solve their problems. The quality and professionalism of the employees is on the top of what can crisis intervention provide and this work means big stress and psychical strength which in better cases could be satisfied with happy ends of children.


330 000

Additional information:

Old clothes collection in a different way

Information for NGOs looking for help

We are not operating with any extra CSR budget, only with the financial donations from our Christmas philanthropic collection among our employees. We support our long-term partners with the collected donations – see above.


Would you like to offer a partnership to PwC CR or ask for a donation?

We would like to dedicate our support to our main theme: development of the talents, education and self-confidence of youth who were socially or physically disadvantaged (the NGOs which we currently support help their clients in this aim; that’s why we’re donating our collected money to their educational programs and activities)

If your activity is related to our vision, please contact our CSR coordinator. We will evaluate the possibility of our support and cooperation and reply to your offer.