What does Social Responsibility mean to us?

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In PwC Czech Republic we would like to significantly contribute to making Czech companies more competitive and to developing the Czech market environment. We try to encourage and increase the self-assurance of companies to be entrepreneurs with a focus on innovation and sustainable development.

Our vision is to approach our corporate responsibility as a vital part of our brand and make every effort to reflect this in our business focus.

As a consulting firm, the main resources we have are the knowledge, competencies and experience of our people in the areas of finance, audit, tax and legal.

With this in mind, we would like to focus our activities on developing education and sharing our expertise in areas, which we deal with every day.

In the non-profit area, we would like to have an impact on leading and inspiring the development of the talents, education and self-confidence of the clients of NGOs, so they can take responsibility for their own future.

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Our new CR strategy focuses on two key elements:

Doing the right thing

Doing the right thing, which means playing our part in promoting responsible business issues that are central to our business – from maintaining the quality of our services and building an inclusive workplace, to engaging with communities and monitoring our environmental footprint.

Being a catalyst for change

Being a catalyst for change, which is about using our skills, voice and relationships to work with others and influence activities that make a difference, create change and have a lasting impact on the world around us – we are focusing on developing the competitive ability of Czech companies and the Czech market environment and on sharing our expertise through skilled volunteering to non-profit organisations.


This vision is divided into 4 areas:

Responsible businessResponsible business


People, diversity & inclusionPeople, diversity & inclusion

  • development of our employees – coaching, education
  • promoting Healthy Lifestyle initiative
  • creating the program for key talents and their career development
  • measuring the satisfaction of our employees
  • flexible working arrangements
  • inclusiveness of handicapped people in our working process

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Environmental stewardshipEnvironmental stewardship

  • decreasing the carbon footprint
  • measuring waste, emissions and energy consumption
  • recycling waste, educational campaigns
  • City Green Court, the ecologically advanced building of the Czech headquarters

More details about certain activities can be found in the tour of the new 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report.

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