Internal audit

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A way to a more efficient control environment, risk management and more effective corporate governance

Our philosophy is based on the conviction that there can’t be only one internal audit approach that suits everyone. The internal circumstances should always be taken into account and the audit should be tailored to meet the requirements of the organisation.

What can we help you with?

Outsourcing / Co-sourcing / Secondment

It’s up to you whether you decide to select a tailored one-time service or to establish long-term cooperation. The latter might be provided as full outsourcing, when responsibility for the entire internal audit function in your company is on us. A co-sourcing solution offers cooperation on particular engagements and knowledge sharing with your internal staff. We are ready to provide you with the assistance of our specialists under short-term or long-term secondments as well.

Compliance review

The aim of the review is to assess the compliance of the activities and processes implemented with the requirements of both external and internal regulations, standards and best practices. In terms of this type of audit, our team will assess the extent and complexity of your methodology, evaluate its adequacy and compare it with the best practices on the market. The output is an audit report which contains a summary of the deficiencies identified between practice and regulations, along with recommendations for improving or eliminating the discrepancies.

IT Audit

The aim is to ensure an appropriate level of security and protection of the data, information systems and IT infrastructure, taking into consideration possible internal or external risks as well as effective cost controls of software, hardware and their maintenance.

IT audit is focused on verifying:

  • the implemented automated controls or reporting
  • the control environment in the field of information systems security
  • data governance and integrity
  • the setting of the change management and information systems development processes.

External quality assurance review

External assessments of the internal audit function must be conducted at least once every five years according to IIA Standards. The aim is to assess the compliance of internal audit activities with IIA Standards, evaluate the effectiveness and performance of an internal audit function, including its tools and techniques and the identification of its strengths and weaknesses. As a result, recommendations to improve the performance and quality of the internal audit activities are issued.

Internal audit function set-up

Our team of specialists will help you to set up and establish a functional internal audit model that will provide your company with added value and assist you in achieving your long-term goals. Our policies are based on a proven methodology and an individualised approach.

Monitoring corrective actions

The recommendations are only the first step towards risk elimination, efficient functioning of the business processes and thus achieving the organisation's objectives. It is crucial to put into practice the outputs of the internal audit and make appropriate corrective actions based on them. Within our services we will verify compliance and fulfilment of the recommended action plans and measures, as well as evaluate whether they actually eliminate the identified risks and inefficiencies.

Implementation of the recommendations

We are ready to be engaged in the implementation of action plans resulting from the audit. With our extensive experience in project management and change management, we can guarantee the timely and comprehensive fulfilment of action plans, elimination of risks or inefficient procedures.


Our specialists are ready to help you to train your existing internal auditors and increase their skills. Thanks to our extensive network of contacts, we are able to provide training with domestic and foreign experts. In addition to bespoke training, we would be pleased to arrange your participation in a series of courses and workshops organised by The Academy and PwC platform that are focused on professional training and staff development.

Other services

  • Process optimisation
  • Review according to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • Activities related to the prevention, detection and investigation of fraud, including the assessment of the related risks.