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The goal of PwC Legal is to provide tailor–made solutions that bring added value to its clients’ business activities. We provide consulting to clients operating both globally and locally. In doing so, we utilize fully the experience and capabilities of the global PwC Legal/PwC network as well as our profound understanding of the Czech and EU legal context.

We deliver our services throughout a broad range of legal areas and industries. Our multi-lingual team is able to assist you in the following languages: English, German, Russian, French, Portuguese and Japanese.

Our specialists possess the advantage of cooperating closely with other PwC professionals which enables them to make use of their experience and proficiency in diverse markets and specific fields of expertise such as but not limited to:

Mergers & acquisitions

We represent the world’s leading corporations, companies with a dominant position within the CEE market as well as emerging Czech companies. At the same time we stand ready to address the specific needs of diverse corporate clients.

Our M&A team has provided legal services to buyers and sellers in many private equity and real estate acquisitions and windings-up.

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Insolvency and restructuring

The PwC Legal Insolvency and Restructuring practice is based on extensive experience with assisting distressed companies, dealing with debtors in possession and financial sponsor transactions. We may assist with Turnaround Management solutions and deal with various debtor-related issues.

As experienced negotiators we are able to cooperate efficiently with Creditors Committee and consequently form the best strategy for maximizing profits and minimizing expenses.

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Real estate

We provide our clients with professional services based on our unique combination of expertise covering all aspects of Real Estate, Finance, Tax, Capital Markets, Restructuring and Dispute Resolution.

The PwC Legal specialists can guide you through all phases of development projects including zoning, construction proceedings, construction project management and financing.

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Banking & finance

We offer a comprehensive range of services related to numerous financial products including syndicated loans, loan and acquisition financing, derivatives, financial services regulatory practice or insolvency & restructuring.
We regularly represent both debtors and creditors operating in the Czech Republic, the CEE region as well as worldwide thanks to the PwC global network.

We believe that our major advantage comprises of delivering prompt, clear and accurate advice to our clients. Our outputs combine the profound knowledge and practical experience of our lawyers with their valuable contacts in order to provide our clients with sound and timely legal advice, while at all times accommodating their specific needs when dealing with financial matters.

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Dispute resolution

We provide a full package of Dispute Resolution services to a wide range of clients coming from all over the world. We represent large public bodies and private entities as well as natural persons. We aim to always resolve disputes as efficiently as possible, thus our dispute resolution strategy emphasizes alternative dispute resolution, especially through mediation.

We are prepared to offer our legal assistance with disputes before Courts as well as within Arbitration proceedings.

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EU, regulatory and antitrust matters

PwC Legal can be your guide in today’s constantly changing and evolving European and Czech legal framework. All this transformation evolves as a consequence of the ever developing EU regulatory framework. Due to the assistance of the PwC global network we are able to cover legal issues within the EU/CEE region as well as worldwide while maintaining the same proficiency standards for providing advice.

We have deep knowledge in the areas of EU legislation, antitrust and regulatory matters. Our specialists have taken part in major projects related to business operations within diverse industries, financial institutions, distributors and service providers.

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Labor law

Our team along with other specialists from PwC advise on various issues of domestic and cross-border aspects employment relations. We offer legal consulting covering all issues linked to the employer-employee relationship as well as other labor law related affairs. We focus on providing practical, strategic and efficient advice to employers in cooperation with their in-house lawyers and HR department in order to bring solutions accommodating all their needs.

We offer legal services along with access to consulting services provided by the global PwC network, i.e. high quality legal services based on local expertise in more than 80 countries worldwide. Due to close cooperation with other specialists of the global PwC network you can take advantage of the true one-stop-shop services provided to you with respect to labor law and employment matters.

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Intellectual Property and Technology, Media, Telecommunication

The PwC Legal specialists on the most part provide their services to the world’s leading corporations, leaders in the CEE market as well as Czech start-up companies and therefore have an understanding of the special needs of various types of clients.

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Private clients

Our private clients oriented practice concentrates on individuals as well as families and provides them with advice associated with accumulation, management and transfer of personal assets.

We are able to provide legal services to influential individuals as we understand their specific needs and requirements.

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Corporate and corporate secretarial services

As a law firm offering a wide range of legal services to its corporate clients, PwC Legal does not only provide excellence in the M&A area, but also delivers high quality corporate housekeeping services.

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Private equity

We act on behalf of the world’s leading private equity companies as well as growing companies in the CEE region including the Czech Republic. We have a deep understanding of specific needs and requirements of various types of clients.

We believe that our major advantage comprises of delivering prompt, clear and accurate advice to our clients.

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