Transaction services for buyers

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Our Transactions team provides a wide range of services to help acquirers evaluate targets, improve M&A processes and set post-close priorities.



  • Target evaluation
    Our objective, independent, diligent transaction team assesses how a company generates cash and performs on non-financial measures. Identifying historical quality of earnings and evaluating the target's internal control environment, we identify risks that may be associated with integrating the financial information systems of the buyer and the seller.
  • Negotiation and contract support
    By identifying issues that underlie value, our work enables you to be better informed and therefore better prepared to negotiate purchase price and other contractual provisions such as representations, warranties and indemnifications.
  • Post-deal services
    After a deal closes, we advise you on how to improve the internal controls governing a target's financial, IT, back office, supply chain and customer management systems and processes.


Results for clients

Our services have helped clients to achieve better results, including:

  • An average improvement of 5% in the price of a transaction
  • EBITDA adjustments of 22% on average
  • Net asset adjustments of 13% on average
  • Significant modifications to the purchase agreement on 70% of transactions