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The following is a list of analyses and surveys, covering a wide range of issues of interest to professionals working or investing in the Czech Republic.


European financial services M&A insight: September 2010
Welcome to the third edition of European Financial Services M&A Insight for 2010. This edition includes: Welcome; Data Analysis; Regulatory overhaul: In European asset management set to drive M&A
All change?: Developments in the outlook for UK builing societies; Looking Ahead.

Drive Value – 2009 Automotive M&A
This edition provides an annual review of M&A activity and key trends within the global automotive industry. As we look back at 2009, how did distress in the sector drive consolidation, restructuring and acquisitions by opportunistic strategic and financial buyers? Better understand the outlook for deal activity and trends in 2010 and beyond.

Technology M&A Insights
This annual report by PwC forecasts the outlook for M&A activity in the global technology sector in 2010 and reviews the challenges the sector faced during 2009.

Mining Deals: 2009 Annual Review: Mergers and acquisitions activity in the mining industry
The total value of mining M&A halved in 2009. Highlighting the significance of this decline was the fact that the biggest deal in 2009 would not have made it into a list of the top 10 deals by value in 2008. Overall, deal value fell from US$153.4 billion in 2008 to US$77.1 billion in 2009.

European financial services M&A insight: February 2010
Welcome to the first edition of European Financial Services M&A Insight for 2010. This edition includes: Welcome; Data Analysis: Restructuring is well underway; British Banks: Back in the sights of foreign investors?; Waking up to new realities: The impact of Solvency II on strategy and M&A activity in the insurance industry; Looking Ahead: We predict increasing private sector activity

Media M&A Insights 2010
European edition Media M&A insights 2010 reviews European M&A activity throughout 2009 — arguably the most difficult market conditions ever seen — and offers an insight into what may happen during 2010.

European FS M&A report (pdf 1,86 MB)
European FS M&A activity has declined steeply during the first half of year 2009. This report examines some of the themes emerging from the deal data, including the continuing support by many European governments of their key national banks; the ongoing bias towards domestic transactions; and the potential significance of a small number of high profile deals including BlackRock's acquisition of Barclays Global Investors.

In addition to regular analysis of deals and trends over the past six months, the report includes short individual articles that focus on M&A and a forward looking section.