Increase in the profitability, segmentation of insurance products

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It can be hard to foresee the future, but it does not need to be hard to prepare for it. Insurers are struggling with competition and new regulatory requirements that arose from the financial crisis. The insurance industry is also being influenced by demographical changes, the increasing power of emerging markets and changes in consumer behaviours.

Insurers, which are able to foresee and plan changes, can influence their future in their favour. Strengthening profitability requires a long-term strategy and we would be pleased to help you set it.

One way to achieve better results is to have the right segmentation of insurance products. We recommend using of generalised linear modelling (GLM) when analysing various factors that influence the burden of claims and subsequent price assessment; mainly in Motor third-party liability insurance.

How can we help you?

  • Review the current segmentation of insurance products
  • Assistance in launching new insurance products
  • Review and make suggestions for improving the distribution strategy for new distribution channels and internet sale
  • Review and prepare business strategies
  • Advisory services in the area of using GLM model (generalised linear modelling)