Data content and integrity

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Data and the information derived from it form the basis for the strategic control and supervision of companies. It follows that corporate decisions are directly dependent on the quality and structure of the data pool. If the data should be incorrect, inconsistent or incomplete, the effectiveness of the internal control systems will likewise be impaired.

The ever growing volume of data, new service-oriented IT architectures, increasing requirements of supervisory law, and the great need for information on the part of users must be taken into consideration to ensure effective data management and data quality. Proactive management of the data pool is key to this.

How PwC can be of help to you

  • Standardisation and modelling: We can help you standardise data and information models, homogenise the system environments, and introduce an organisational framework to ensure the long-term maintenance of standards.
  • Data migration: We can help you with the planning and management of data migrations, quality assurance and scrutiny.
  • Data quality management: We can help you optimise data quality: short-term measures for the transformation and cleansing of existing data, or strategies for ensuring a high standard of quality in the long term.
  • Business data analysis: We can analyse and check large quantities of data to process data for management and detect fraudulent intent.