IT costs and efficiency

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IT tasks typically can be counted among the biggest cost blocks in a company. Despite high investment in the IT sector, goals are still infrequently achieved. In many cases, this is due to a lack of transparency in relation to the costs, benefits and risks of corporate IT. The control and regular scrutiny of these factors is therefore an essential success factor for the use of information technology.

A consistent alignment of IT to the needs of the business helps to avoid mistaken investments. Competitive advantages can also be achieved through new or modified business models, or by optimisation of the way in which IT is used.

How PwC can be of help to you

  • PwC supports companies both in connection with short-term cost-cutting measures and with setting up IT control systems designed to reduce costs and improve the effectiveness of IT in the long term.
  • Like other corporate activities, IT services must show the best possible cost-benefit ratio. So, it is a fundamental condition of a cost-optimised and effective IT organisation that the correct ‘make or buy' decisions be taken.
  • If the cost benefits are to be lasting, IT services and the associated Service Level Agreements must be optimised and controlled on an ongoing basis. This remains the case whether the services are supplied internally, by external partners, or by internal or external Shared Service Centres.
  • PwC's experts offer support for the introduction of software systems, from the initial conception of new processes to the selection of suitable packages, and extending to control of the activities of the company's service providers.