IT security

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Business transactions are confidential affairs. To keep them that way, companies depend on the security of their IT systems. Besides viruses, Trojan horses, hacker attacks, sabotage and faulty configurations, an inadequate level of awareness of security issues on the part of the employees, the employees themselves, and an inferior system alignment all represent potential hazards.

  • Is your company's IT adequately protected against internal and external threats?
  • What damage could be incurred by the company as a result of inadequate IT security?
  • Does the level of IT security equate to the present state of technology, the requirements of business policy, and current industrial standards?
  • Are the relevant standards being adhered to?

IT systems must be fully available to enable business processes to run smoothly. Customers, partners, suppliers, employees and investors all require that data and information be confidential and inviolable.

PwC therefore refers to reliable and up-to-date standards and requirements to ensure a high level of IT security. When establishing security processes, it is important to have business processes remain stable even in critical situations and conform to current legal requirements. We will help you resolve the most pressing IT security issues.

How PwC can be of help to you

  • IT security guidelines and standards: We can support the strategic and organisational shaping of IT security systems in the company.
  • IT processes: We can certify the quality and security of a company's IT processes.
  • Contract management: We can assess contractual and legal aspects and the associated risks. This applies both to maintenance contracts with hardware and software manufacturers and to agreements with internal or external service providers (SLAs).  
  • Project management for change management projects in connection with IT security: We advise on the planning and supervision of IT security projects and can provide suitable quality assurance tools to accompany the project.
  • IT systems: We advise on security checks of individual IT systems or of a network of IT systems, on all levels (applications, operating system and database).