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  • Are you not sure whether the added value of your IT system corresponds to your company’s needs and expectations?
  • Is your IT adequately protected against outside threats?
  • Do you need to reduce unnecessary spending but retain the ability for IT to support your future business strategies, operations, processes and regulatory requirements?
  • Are your company’s operations threatened by inconsistent, incomplete, and incorrect data?
  • Do you require an independent review and assessment of IT processes and issues to identify weaknesses and receive recommendations for improvement?

Our knowledge of technologies and financial process and experience with the specifics of various business industries are a guarantee of high added value when increasing efficiency, effectiveness, and security of your IT systems. We can thus ensure that the services provided to your IT department will be of the highest level and fully compliant with your management’s demands.

How PwC can be of help to you

  • We can align IT projects and IT organisational structures to your business strategy.
  • We can help you address the main challenges and risks in connection with IT security and data processing.
  • We can help you optimise the value of the cost spent on IT.
  • We can help you resolve data management issues.
  • We can provide an independent and objective assessment of weaknesses in you IT department.

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