Governance, Risk and Compliance

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One of the most difficult aspects of risk management is ensuring compliance with regulations and establishing proper governance. Failing to address these areas properly can have negative consequences, including fines for non-compliance with regulations, ethical and financial scandals, damage to goodwill and brand, and so on. Strategically, these functions are key to a company’s ability to respond to change and deal with future needs and requirements.

PwC has developed an integrated approach to all these areas (e.g., incorporation of the requirements of SoX 404 including its Japanese version into risk management). We have assisted with risk management, compliance and governance issues on many extensive projects, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Internationally verified company governance, risk management, and compliance methods developed by leading experts of PwC, a thorough understanding of company needs, and detailed knowledge of rules and regulations guarantee the quality of project implementation and achievement of expected results.

Where can we be of help to you?

  • Crises and risk of negative publicity that have to be addressed immediately
  • Need for greater effectiveness due to growing competition, expended costs, changes in legislation, and stakeholder expectations
  • Efforts to distinguish yourself from others and acquire a strategic advantage over the competition

Benefits achieved through implementation of projects:

  • Compliance with binding regulations and requirements
  • Reduction of costs expended on fines for non-compliance with regulations
  • Improvement of the control environment
  • Optimisation of costs in included areas
  • Reduction of risk of corruption scandals and fraud
  • Other benefits related to the needs of stakeholders and company management