Financial Restructuring

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As a company director, a lender or a financial institution interested in a business, you can face issues such as:

  • Cash pressure or liquidity shortfall
  • Actual or potential breach of covenant
  • Pensions deficit
  • Credit ratings downgrade
  • Over leveraged
  • Debt trading at “distressed” levels

For companies, their lenders, shareholders or other stakeholders in businesses facing financial under-performance or crisis, we deliver restructuring solutions and help build a platform for recovery.  We have led the most important and largest restructuring projects in the Czech Republic and are able to tailor solutions to your individual circumstances and needs.

How we can help you

  • We can propose and help you to implement measures leading to recovery from crisis.
  • We can help you to preserve the business and/or management retain control.
  • We will ensure maximising/realising value for lenders/creditors.
  • We will help you to gain a better understanding of the financial and commercial position of the business, its prospective viability and the range of restructuring options available.
  • In partnership with creditors and debtors, we will propose solutions using our unrivalled experience in working through crises where objectives may diverge and there are severe pressures on relationships between the company and stakeholder.
  • We can help you to restructure the balance sheet.
  • We have experience creating business plans.

Make use of our experts’ experience with complex cross-border restructuring projects and their detailed knowledge of the local environment and the various industrial sectors.