Business Transformation

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Expanding into new markets, concentrating on core competencies, controlling succession issues, or attracting financial investors to strengthen the company’s equity base are all potential drivers for business deals with a critical impact on the company’s future.

Most of these organisational changes, however, fail to achieve the intended results or are only partially successful because the complexity of the integration process and the amount of work involved have been underestimated. We can assist with creating a strategy, planning, increasing the value of your business or redesigning the organisational structure.

Typical issues

Although the goal is usually pretty clear, the way to get there is often fraught with questions.

  • Was the transformation performed correctly from a strategic perspective?
  • The deal is done -- what should we do to maximise the deal value?
  • How do we ensure proper change management, so that processes and culture drive value?
  • What are the principles of successful integration?
  • We need help analysing and researching our business environment independently.
  • How can we identify and capitalise on opportunities and assets cost effectively and identify and manage inherent transactional risks to improve shareholder value?
  • How do we ensure that new acquisitions are within our control and integrated into our operation in the shortest possible amount of time?  

How we can be of help

We are capable of suggesting a suitable approach to the transformation or integration project, assist you with specific problems encountered during the transformation or integration process, point out unfavourable trends early, and contribute to eliminating threats and lowering additional transformation costs.

We can help you optimise the organisation structure to align it with customer requirements and  customer segmentation strategy, thereby maximising the tax position and reducing sustainable tax rates while exploring options for employee cost reductions and change communications. We focus strongly on understanding the company’s culture and employee concerns to create solutions that fit and allow you to keep the maximum deal value.

In addition to our managing complex integrations, transformations, and large-scale implementations, our experts can focus on aspects such as: