People & Change

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Many companies are preparing or already running transformation projects with the objective of optimising their organisational structure and processes. Organisations are expecting a measurable return on their programmes for change and are becoming increasingly demanding with regard to the results achieved. A PwC survey found that nine out of the ten top obstacles to change are not only technical by nature, but also people related. Limited change management skills, poor communication, and employee opposition were all cited as examples. In response to the survey’s findings, PwC has developed a comprehensive system to help you optimise your company’s organisational structure and business processes and manage change effectively.

Organisational change is complex because of its dependence on other factors, including business processes and IT support. A change in one area will probably lead to changes in other areas. Our approach, therefore, involves not only the creation of strategies, but also technical and change tools that help a company prepare and manage key organisational, procedural and other changes.

How we can be of help

PwC has established a strong reputation for helping clients cope with changing business conditions.

Our experts on people and change can assist clients with the following:

  • Developing people-driven principles and processes to guide the organisation from its current state to a new state
  • Ensuring project success by removing uncertainty in how to manage the stakeholders affected by the change
  • Managing people development and ensuring development of appropriate skills
  • Positioning the organisation's culture to ensure positive attitudes towards change
  • Establishing control and co-ordination activities required to manage projects successfully
  • Developing tools and templates to support projects and achieve successful outcomes
  • Ensuring that project business benefits and performance improvement are achieved for the duration of the project and beyond