Finance Function Effectiveness Diagnostic

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The FFE Diagnostic provides a 360° degree view of the finance function, taking into account how effectively and efficiently the finance function operates. It comprises a set of structured questions supported by a narrative to provide guidance and assist in the collection of the relevant information and performance measures. The FFE Diagnostic is designed to obtain results in a 4- to 5-day period.

During the transition from a purely scorekeeping and controlling function to full strategic business partner, the following activities and challenges are usually faced:

  • Understanding fully the business and underlying risks
  • Identifying and monitoring KPIs
  • Adopting leading edge technology
  • Focusing on retraining and refocusing finance and operational personnel throughout the organisation
  • Ensuring high interaction between the finance function and other parts of the organisation
  • Transitioning to a business advisor for corporate strategy – e.g. testing the business cases for large investments
  • Managing relationships within the marketplace
  • Playing a proactive role rather than just delivering management accounts from the previous month
  • Acting as an Internal Investment Banker

How PwC can help you

The FEE Diagnostic can pick up and identify the most problematic issues and activities that the company is or will be facing. The diagnostic addresses 15 major finance areas and can offer alternatives such as:

  • Assessment of all 15 selected areas or specified areas (see picture above)
  • Comfort to the Board
  • Heath check on value and governance
  • Comparison with world class benchmarks
  • Blueprint for the future direction of the finance function