We Go Green

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The selection of a green building was a very natural step for us as its sustainability fits our green thinking and company values. We believe that a LEED-certified office will reduce negative impacts on the environment and create a healthy, comfortable and inspiring working place for our staff and clients. As green features reduce the consumption of energy and water, operations are very cost-effective, which we appreciate as a significant benefit as well.


CGC's green thinking in reality

Sustainable sites (SS)

Sustainable sites (SS)

  • Excellent accessibility by public transport
  • A green park in the vicinity of the project
  • Services within close proximity
  • Construction on brownfield
  • Reserved parking for hybrid vehicles and electromobiles
  • Green roof
  • Parking for bicycles, showers and locker rooms
  • Reduction of light pollution of the project's surroundings
Water Efficiency (WE)

Water Efficiency (WE)

  • Use of rainwater for irrigation and air-conditioning
  • Limiting water wastage
  • Highly efficient irrigation system
Energy Efficiency, protection of ozone layer and atmosphere (EA)

Energy Efficiency, protection of ozone layer and atmosphere (EA)

  • Low-pressure air-conditioning, ventilation and heating
  • Cooling bearns for distribution of cool and fresh air
  • Advanced lighting system (automatic light switches, occupancy sensors, daylight intensity and fully darkening lights
  • Separate metering of energy and water consumtion
Materials (MR)

Materials (MR)

  • Products on the basis of wood with FSC certificate
  • Recycling of building waste
  • Use of regional materials
  • Communal waste separation
  • Use of recycled materials
Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

  • Monitoring of interior and exterior CO2 emissions
  • The option of automatic switching of work stations after working hours
  • Healthy work environment
  • Automatic regulation of fresh air feeding according to CO2 level
  • Control of chemical pollution sources
  • Individual temperature control
  • Combination of interior and exterior blinds
Innovation and Design (ID)

Innovation and Design (ID)

  • Green educational programme
  • ISO 14001 certified general contractor
  • Very efficient system of drinking water retention

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