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The uniqueness of City Green Court is reflected in its efficient use of sources, functional layout, natural lighting and flexible floor-plate. The shape and size of this administrative building respect its surroundings. The grand atrium and inner bridges serve as social areas to staff and clients.

  • Advanced lighting system which reduces energy consumption by 60%
  • Automatic light switches, occupancy & daylight intensity sensors and fully darkening lights
  • Reduction of light pollution of the project’s surroundings
  • High performance façade with external sun shading
  • Air-conditioning system based on chilled beams
  • Low-pressure air-conditioning, ventilation and heating – the low speed air handling units make very comfortable indoor climate conditions
  • Monitoring of interior and exterior CO2 emissions
  • Automatic regulation of fresh air feeding according to CO2 level
  • Combination of interior and exterior blinds
  • Fire protection system with sensors and sprinklers
  • Separate metering of energy and water consumption for proper consumption controlling
  • Very efficient system of drinking water retention
  • Sophisticated Measurement & Regulation System for effective property management
  • Black olive tree and green ivy wall in the atrium to refresh the atmosphere

City Green CourtCity Green Court

  • Light and airy office space with Richard Meier’s design spirit
  • Raised floors covered by high quality carpet
  • Wooden floor in relaxation and informal zones
  • Floor boxes with electrical outlets
  • Suspended ceiling
  • Plasterboard & glass partitions in offices and meeting rooms
  • Interior textile blinds adjustable by office occupiers
  • Spacious and fully equipped designer kitchens
  • Cloakrooms & print rooms on each floor