Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods

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Sector of the retail and consumer goods is undergoing a rapid development due to changes of consumers´ preferences, rapid technological progress and demographic changes.  Retailers are forced to adapt their business model to these changes in order to realize a profit. In PwC, we help to leading companies as well as Czech clients in the retails and consumer goods domain face to these challenges successfully. 

We can help you in these selected areas:

  • Multichannel sales – How to integrate digital sales model into permanent stores?
  • The role of digital channel for companies producing fast-moving consumer goods
  • Private labels – A threat or an opportunity for companies producing fast-moving consumer goods?
  • Private labels – management from the perspective of retail chains
  • Managing of the transformation program
  • Pressure of the discount chains – How to maintain a competitiveness while facing them?
  • Management of the loyalty programs
  • Analysis of the profitability of customer segments/product groups/markets/sales channels/individual businesses or other entities
  • GEO optimization based on the profitability of individual sales/contact points in comparison to the potential of individual areas
  • Analysis of the elasticity and dynamic pricing
  • Dynamic discounts for suppliers
  • „Share of wallet“ analysis (understanding households´, their incomes, spends and a life cycle)
  • Analysis of the shopping cart
  • Analysis of customers based on behavioral segmentation
  • Return of the marketing investments (analysis of the marketing investments effectiveness)
  • Identification of bottlenecks based on time-stamps analysis
  • Help with the decision of new store openings based on geolocation map of customers´ movements
  • Internal communication – communication service from the management to the stores/points of sale
  • Revelation of possible errors or frauds in the accounts based on the analysis of the big data
  • IT security testing
  • Revenues testing from the payment acceptance to posting an entry
  • Verifying retailers sales to the tenants of a retail space
  • Assistance with accounting and financial reporting issues
  • Audit and other assurance services