The application and selection process

If you are interested in any of our current career opportunities for experienced professionals, please apply online and attach your structured resume (see sample resume format PDF 50 KB).


The Selection Process for Experienced Positions

The selection process has several rounds:


a) Application form Screening

Each resume we receive is screened by our recruitment professionals, as well as by senior people from the service line to which the candidate is applying.
Our recruitment professionals let all candidates know within a three-week period whether their qualifications are relevant to our current needs. If so, we invite them for a series of interviews.


b) Interviews

Typically, for all positions we organise 2 or 3 interviews. The first interview is usually conducted by our recruitment professional who goes through the resume with the candidate, verifies the information, and fills in any missing data. Candidates may also be asked to complete tests, case studies or simulations which are relevant to the positions for which they are applying.

Candidates should bring their university diploma and references for the interview.

The successful candidates from the first round are invited to other interviews with potential colleagues, senior managers andpartners from the appropriate service line.


c) Offer

We will send a letter of offer to those of you we think are best suited to fill a vacant position and pursue a career with PwC. The offer letter specifies the salary and benefit package, job description, starting date, training, and other important information.

We kindly ask all candidates who receive an offer to respond to us within one wee.