Development of pharmaceutical industry in the past 10 years – 10 most important trends

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Deeper specialization, less aggressive style of marketing and cooperation instead of M&A - these are some of the main features, which will become characteristic of pharmaceutical industry in the upcoming period according to the PwC survey called "Pharma 2020: Which path will you take?"

The survey also revealed, that the global market with pharmaceuticals will double to 1,3 trillion dollars. New model of pharmaceuticals will bear following main attributes:

  1. More sophisticated direct-to-consumer distribution channels will diminish the role of wholesalers
  2. Benefits of cooperation within the industry will suppress the need of M&As
  3. The nature of cooperation of pharmaceutical companies with other institutions ranging from research organizations to competitors will change
  4. R&D will become more efficient – “virtual patient” will bring cost savings
  5. The blockbuster sales model will disappear; more emphasis will be placed on specialized medication and treatment procedures
  6. The importance of a patient and medical expanse payers will increase
  7. Patients undergoing of correct treatment will be under more consistent control
  8. Focus will shift from treatment to prevention
  9. International regulatory bodies will strengthen its positions
  10. Emerging markets will reinforce its activity in the pharmaceutical industry segment

We have Published seven studies from “Pharma 2020: 
Which path will you take” series.

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