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Mining companies in the past have been profiting from rising commodity prices. The economic downturn has brought a sharp drop in market capitalisation of a majority of the large mining companies and has forced the whole sector to radical cost-cutting. Current market conditions will test the companies’ ability to respond quickly to their costs, debt levels and investment efficiency. The sector as a whole has a good outlook and the current situation offers opportunities for new acquisitions and company consolidation.

Industry Issues

  • Permanent sustainability of energy sources
  • Compliance with legislative and reporting requirements of regulatory authorities
  • Supply security, price increases for utilities and services in the energy sector
  • Climate change and environmental protection
  • EU Emissions Trading Scheme
  • Research and application of new technologies
  • Cost control
  • Investment efficiency
  • Resource structure
  • Introduction of excise taxes on utilities

Industry-specific services

  • Enhancing the outcome and effectiveness of processes
  • Transactions and consolidations
  • Managing financial risks
  • Recruiting and retaining qualified staff
  • Integrating steps for environmental protection and decelerating climate change into the overall business strategy
  • Preparing and implementing a carbon emissions trading strategy
  • Supply chain management
  • Tax compliance reviews
  • Regulation and legal compliance
  • Auditing financial statements prepared under Czech accounting
  • Quality & reliability of non-financial data
  • Emission permits valuation and handling
  • Support in raising EU and other public funds