Energy, utilities and mining publications

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PwChas published numerous publications on a number of Energy, utilities and mining topics.

All PwC Energy, utilities and mining Publications see on PwC Global web site.

18th Annual Global CEO Survey: Power & utilities industry insights

Power & utilities CEOs are seeking growth amidst disruption.

The road ahead - Gaining momentum from energy transformation

The impact on the power sector from the convergent forces of changes in customer behaviour, new forms of competition, renewable and distributed energy and regulation is creating new opportunities and challenges.

Power & Renewables Deals: 2015 outlook and 2014 review

Welcome to our 2015 Power and Renewables Deals outlook. In this publication, we look at mergers and acquisitions activity in the power utilities sector.

Decision making in power & utilities

Analytics offer benefits for executives facing hard choices. See how power & utilities executives are using analytics for big decisions.

Decision making in the energy industry

How do energy executives weigh their options with so much on the line? Analytics can help executives make hard choices.

Tax Transparency - explaining your tax affairs for extractives by PwC-Webcast

A webcast on the impact of recent country-by-country reporting and changes including risks and practical approaches. Essential for tax and finance professionals in extractives to collect key data by PwC.

A new balancing act for DSOs – Market, regulatory and business model challenges

More than 50 senior executives and experts from ten different countries gathered in September 2014 in Brussels, Belgium for PwC’s roundtable on the market, regulatory and business models challenges facing distribution system operators (DSOs).

Staying ahead in an era of game-changing customer transformation

Top executives and experts from different parts of the power & utilities sector gathered in May 2014 in Washington DC, US for PwC's roundtable on the customer transformation challenges facing the industry. We have captured the key points of the debate in a PwC Discussion paper 'Staying ahead in an era of game-changing customer transformation' addressing challenges as well as possible solutions.

Financial reporting in the power and utilities industry:
International Financial Reporting Standards

This edition of Financial reporting in the power and utilities industry: International Financial Reporting Standards describes the financial reporting implications of IFRS across a number of areas selected for their particular relevance to utilities companies. It provides insights into how companies are responding to the various challenges, and includes examples of accounting policies and other disclosures from published financial statements. It examines key developments in the evolution of IFRS in the industry.

Mine 2014: Realigning Expectations

Welcome to PwC’s 11th annual review of global trends in the mining industry – Mine. This analysis is based on the financial performance and position of the global mining industry as represented by the Top 40 mining companies by market capitalisation.

Strategically picking up the pace: 2014 Global mining deals outlook and 2013 review

There’s no sugar coating it: 2013 was one of the worst years for mining industry mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in nearly a decade. The ongoing confidence crisis across the sector, exacerbated by falling commodity prices that took mining company profits down with it, is behind the continued M&A slump.

Dig into the findings

The push for improved transparency and clear definitions in all-in sustaining and all-in cost reporting in the mining industry.

SEC comment letter trends for the energy and mining industry

This publication provides an analysis of SEC comment letters issued to registrants across the energy and mining value chain, including exploration and production, midstream, downstream, drillers, oilfield services, and integrated energy companies.

The direct economic impact of gold

This report addresses the economic impact of gold on the global economy, and looks at an entire value chain, including gold mining, refining, and fabrication and consumption. It helps us understand the fundamental role that gold plays in advancing economic development and ultimately the needs of society.