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Through our global network of energy, utilities and mining professionals, we examine industry trends and issues and how they relate to risk, industry specific and financial regulation and reporting, taxation, sustainability and compliance, and company performance in the industry. Our views on emerging trends, best practices, methodologies and approaches comprise many of our thought leadership series and publications.

We combine our unique perspectives, skills, and diverse backgrounds to create innovative solutions to today's most complex business issues. We invest significant resources in acquiring, refining and sharing these capabilities to further benefit our clients. We are well positioned to understand the challenges facing today's companies and offer our insights on the forces working within the marketplace.

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Zacatecas, a reference for the global mining industry


PwC Mexico, as requested by the Economic Development Council of Zacatecas, performed a study titled “Zacatecas, reference for the global mining industry”. The report covers Zacatecas’ industrial, social, and cultural environment, as well as its quality of life and other aspects like its strengths in the mining industry with the purpose of promoting investment in the region.

Mine 2015: Gloves are off


PwC’s annual review of the top trends in the global mining industry. Analysis is based on the financial performance of the Top 40 mining companies by market capitalisation.

What Next for Nigeria’s Economy?


What Next for Nigeria’s Economy, navigating the rocky road ahead and PwC’s economic scenarios for 2015 and 2016.

The progression of an LNG project – Canadian LNG Projects


Canadian LNG Projects and how our extensive global LNG experience can help you assess and manage your LNG Projects.

SEC comment letter trends for the energy and mining industry


This PwC publication provides an analysis of SEC comment letters issued to registrants across the energy and mining value chain, including exploration and production, midstream, downstream, drillers, oilfield services, and integrated energy companies.

The direct economic impact of gold


This PwC report addresses the economic impact of gold on the global economy, and looks at an entire value chain, including gold mining, refining, and fabrication and consumption. It helps us understand the fundamental role that gold plays in advancing economic development and ultimately the needs of society.

Extracting value: What do investment professionals need from mining company reporting?


PwC’s2013 mining industry investor survey is the latest in a series of industry reporting surveys, gathering the opinions of specialist investors and analysts from key markets around the world.

Mine: A confidence crisis


This PwC publication explains why the mining industry is in crisis, despite the fact that volumes are up, dividend yields are up and commodity prices have fallen, but not crashed. Long term demand fundamentals are still there.

Financial reporting in the mining industry


This PwC publication looks at how IFRS is applied in practice by mining companies, identifying unique issues for the industry. This edition also includes a number of examples to demonstrate how companies are responding to the various accounting challenges along the value chain.

Cost and Effect - How national oil companies can transform their cost structures amid a market rout


For NOCs, cost optimization and profitability imperatives need to be balanced with other longer-term national strategic objectives.

New Energy Futures


Global demand for affordable, reliable energy will continue to grow for the foreseeable future, but there is a new longer-term backdrop as the world transitions to a low carbon system. Companies in the oil and gas sector need to reconsider their portfolio and related capabilities to not only survive, but thrive, in this new future.

Industry Perspectives: Global Oil and Gas Outlook 2016


Tumbling oil prices are bad enough, but are you prepared for a future that limits fossil fuels? Facing turbulence and complexity, energy executives need a plan that takes advantage of current conditions and bets on options for a new normal.

2015 Annual Global Working Capital Survey of the Oil & Gas sector


In this survey, of over 900 oil & gas companies, we look at the key working capital trends across the globe in various sub-sectors of Oil & Gas.

Results from the first O&G bidding process on Mexico’s Energy Reform


On July 15, 2015, the CNH, Mexico’s regulator of Oil and Gas activities, carried out the process of awarding contracts for exploration of hydrocarbons. The winner for the first bidding in Round 1 is the consortium formed by Sierra Oil & Gas, S. de R.L. de C.V., Talos Energy LLC and Premier Oil PLC, with the areas 2 and 7.

Surviving the Worst - It’s time for oil services to address shortcomings and find strategic solutions


It seemed as if nothing could go wrong for oil-field services (OFS) companies — until recently.

Brave new world: The OECD's BEPS Action Plan poses immediate challenges for oil and gas companies


Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Action Plan are raising further the profile of oil and gas companies.

Fit for $50 oil in Africa


Africa has seen enormous successes in the exploration for hydrocarbons over the last decade, which has seen the entry of new country players in East Africa joining the ranks of their West African neighbours.

Opportunities in Adversity: Decommissioning - A new era


It is vital that management and shareholders fully understand the inherent uncertainties and risks associated with current estimates of their decommissioning liabilities.

Opportunities in Adversity: Sustainable talent management in oil and gas


You need to be confident your HR function has the skills, capabilities and processes to help you realize your goals, whether that be growing, sustaining or adapting your business.

Understanding upstream supply chain management: What does good look like?


This article focuses on the current environment for upstream Supply Chain organizations, the structure and practices that the study found to differentiate good and bad performance, and what Supply Chain organizations can do now to increase the value they provide to their companies.

About our international network of Oil and Gas deal advisors


PwC is the world’s leading professional adviser to the Oil & Gas industry, serving many of the world’s top global Oil & Gas companies.

Opportunities in Adversity: A new dawn for oil and gas


Over the last seven months, we’ve seen the oil prices tumble by c60% – a move that was both sudden and unprecedented.

Energy services technology innovation report


The upstream petroleum services sector has assumed a significantly expanded role in the oil and gas industry in recent years. This has been driven by strong demand for better technologies, a widening variety of highly-specialized products and services, and ongoing improvements in all three areas.

Colombia oil & gas industry 2014 - An Overview


The Oil & Gas industry in Colombia is in an important historical moment in order to increase production and reserves with the aim of achieving permanency and sustainability of the sector.

Fit for $50 oil: Is your company in shape?


The Fit for $50 concept focuses on how oil and gas companies should prepare for and act in weak hydrocarbon pricing environment. The focus is on the market drivers, key company metrics, and the target operating model that can help companies navigate the down-cycles and be positioned for the up-cycle.

At a crossroads – Considered a high cost oil and LNG producer, can Canada compete in today’s post-peak oil world?


PwC Canada conducts an annual survey on the Canadian oil and gas industry. The event includes an industry survey which becomes a publication. This year’s theme was “At a crossroads”, discussing the high cost Canadian oil.

Know your way around Shale gas in Poland


Shale gas in Poland – speed up?

Tax Transparency - explaining your tax affairs for extractives by PwC- Webcast


A webcast on the impact of recent country-by-country reporting and changes including risks and practical approaches. Essential for tax and finance professionals in extractives to collect key data by PwC

Oil & Gas Indonesia – Tax & Investment Guide 2014


2014 Oil & Gas in Indonesia: Investment and Taxation Guide and Oil & Gas Concessions and Infrastructure Map

Electricity beyond the grid


A look at how standalone electricity and mini-grids can increase access to electricity

Customer engagement in an era of energy transformation


Technology is eclipsing competition as the single biggest transformational force affecting customer relations for power utility companies.

Power & Renewables Deals 2016 outlook and 2015 review


Welcome to our 2016 Power and Renewables Deals outlook. It is the latest in our annual series in which we look at mergers and acquisitions activity in the power utilities sector.

The changing role of the CFO - How energy transformation is shifting the CFO focus


The chief financial officer (CFO) role is changing. It’s becoming more strategically-focused, more value-focused and more future-focused.

Global power & utilities statement of capabilities


The energy utility world of the future - PwC - your trusted energy transformation partner

PwC Africa Power & Utilities Sector Survey – A new Africa energy world


The PwC Africa Power & Utilities Sector Survey is based on research conducted between November 2014 and March 2015 with 51 people holding senior leadership positions in the power sectors of 15 African countries.

PwC power & utilities capability statement – Capital projects and infrastructure


With PwC you get an adviser with a dedicated capital projects and infrastructure team and extensive experience of big power projects. Whether it’s engineers, commercial lawyers, finance and regulatory experts or project managers, we’ve got the multi-disciplinary skills to quickly assemble a team that will give you the support you need.

PwC Global power and utilities roundtable discussion paper – Digital utility transformation


More than 80 senior executives and experts from 12 different countries gathered in May 2015 in Paris, France, for PwC’s roundtable on the digital utility of the future and the strategies that companies are implementing to get there.

Power & Renewables Deals: 2015 outlook and 2014 review


Welcome to our 2015 Power and Renewables Deals outlook. In this publication, we look at mergers and acquisitions activity in the power utilities sector.

What's driving energy transformation?


Take a look at the megatrends and disruption dynamics that are changing the power sector.

The business models of the future


Do you have a clear vision of the business models that will deliver success in the power sector of the future?

Implications for market design


What are the future market scenarios that could unfold in an era of transformation change?

The road ahead - Gaining momentum from energy transformation


The impact on the power sector from the convergent forces of changes in customer behaviour, new forms of competition, renewable and distributed energy and regulation is creating new opportunities and challenges.

A new balancing act for DSOs – Market, regulatory and business model challenges


More than 50 senior executives and experts from ten different countries gathered in September 2014 in Brussels, Belgium for PwC’s roundtable on the market, regulatory and business models challenges facing distribution system operators (DSOs).

Powerful reporting


Power and utilities companies are often at the forefront of global sustainability and climate change issues, and are directly affected by the evolving expectations of the communities they serve. As populations become more urbanized and some jurisdictions begin to move towards more renewable energy sources, clear communication becomes even more important. Power and utilities companies need to tell a powerful story to support ongoing investment in their vital but often aging infrastructure.

Staying ahead in an era of game-changing customer transformation


Top executives and experts from different parts of the power & utilities sector gathered in May 2014 in Washington, DC, USA, for PwC’s roundtable on the customer transformation challenges facing the industry.

Africa Power & Utilities statement of capabilities


Growth in Africa is high, but with it comes unique challenges to the power & utilities sector, from strategy and people, to funding and revenue. Explore how PwC can help.

Power & Renewables Deals 2014 outlook and 2013 review


This PwC annual paper reports on mergers and acquisitions activity within the global power, utilities and renewable energy market

The future of TSOs ─ electricity and gas highways


This report covers PwC’s roundtable meeting in September 2013, in Brussels, Belgium, on the challenges facing modern transmission service operator (TSO) companies. Participants were drawn from industry bodies, regulators and companies involved in TSO activity in different parts of world as well as from PwC.

World energy systems


Per Langer, Executive Vice President of Sweden’s Fortum Corporation on the future of the world’s energy systems.